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 1979 Award Winners

  Short films  

  • Afterlife
    Grand Prix (ex æquo)


    Director: Ishu PATEL

    Country: Canada

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  • Barbe bleue
    Award for a first film

    Barbe bleue

    Director: Olivier GILLON

    Country: France

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  • L'âge de la chaise
    Third Special Jury Award

    L'âge de la chaise

    Director: Jean-Thomas BÉDARD

    Country: Canada

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  • L'E motif
    Critics' Award - Antenne 2 Special Distinction

    L'E motif

    Director: Jean-Christophe VILLARD

    Country: France

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  • Mr Pascal
    Grand Prix (ex æquo)

    Mr Pascal

    Director: Alison DE VERE

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Refleksy
    Special Jury Award


    Director: Jerzy KUCIA

    Country: Poland

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  • Step by Step
    Children's film Award

    Step by Step

    Director: Faith HUBLEY

    Country: USA

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  • This Is Your Museum Speaking
    Second Special Jury Award

    This Is Your Museum Speaking

    Director: Lynn SMITH

    Country: Canada

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