Work in progress 2010

Exploring animation techniques, screenplay research, graphic decisions, etc.

These WIP sessions are the perfect opportunity to relive the different stages of features in production and a chance to ask directors questions about their decisions on the projects, in short, they are a way of sharing the challenges encountered!

  • © B&T Studios / PNA -

    Da Hai

    A girl, a boy, mystical creatures and the ocean make up the ingredients for a feature entirely made in China.

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  • © Diabolo Films -

    The Suicide Shop

    Patrice Leconte has taken up the artistic and technical challenge of a first animation film in stereoscopic 2D... and music...

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  • © Jock Animation -

    Jock of the Bushveld

    Rediscover a classic story from African family 's literature with music by Tim Rice.

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  • © Folimage -

    A Cat in Paris

    The double life of a cat... Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli change format and take up the feature challenge.

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  • © Breakthru -

    La Machine volante

    Celebrate the 200th anniversary of composer Chopin and take a trip in a strange machine in the company of the Peter and the Wolf crew.

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  • © Illuminated Films -

    Not the End of the World

    Noah's ark revisited in a wildly funny and moving British film directed by Piet Kroon.

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  • © Lo Coloco Films -


    Carlos Carrera goes back to his earlier love for animation and tells us about a little girl's disconcerting quest.

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  • © Spirit Production -

    The Painting

    The people in a picture pass through the mirror and come to life in the real world.

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