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  Selected projects in 2010

  Feature films

  • As aventuras do avião vermelho

    As aventuras do avião vermelho

    Director: Frederico PINTO, José MAIA

    Graphic creator: Moacir GUTTERREZ

    Author / Scriptwriter: Camila GONZATTO, Frederico PINTO, Emiliano URBIM

    Country: Brazil

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  • Edison's Fire

    Edison's Fire

    Director: Russell TAYLOR

    Graphic creator: Darion LEIGH

    Author / Scriptwriter: Hyan THIBOUTOT


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  • October le chat

    October le chat

    Director: Federico RADERO

    Author / Scriptwriter: Patricio VEGA


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  • Tangrillo e Cloranella

    Tangrillo e Cloranella

    Director: Enrico CAROTI GHELLI, Andrea SIMONTI

    Graphic creator: Andrea SIMONTI

    Author / Scriptwriter: Enrico CAROTI GHELLI

    Country: Italy

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  • Toile de front

    Toile de front

    Director, graphic creator: Marc MÉNAGER

    Author / Scriptwriter: Marc MÉNAGER, Dominique MALAN

    Country: France

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  • Viale Aretusa 19

    Viale Aretusa 19

    Director: Michelangelo FRAMMARTINO

    Graphic creator: Antonio CAMMARANO

    Author / Scriptwriter: Michelangelo FRAMMARTINO, Barbara GRESPI

    Country: Italy

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  Interactive Creations & Transmedia

  • Kit de survie

    Kit de survie

    Director, graphic creator: Régis VIDAL

    Author / Scriptwriter: Ariane LE FAUCONNIER, Olivier CHARASSON

    Country: France

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  • La Théorie des ensembles

    La Théorie des ensembles

    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Jao-Eka MCHANGAMA, Juliette HAMON DAMOURETTE, Marc HÉRICHER

    Country: France

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  • Squish


    Director, author / scriptwriter: Konrad SEVEN

    Graphic creator: FYBE


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  • Wakfu


    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Anthony ROUX

    Country: France

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  Short films

  • Encore des changements

    Encore des changements

    Director: Benoît GUILLAUME, Barbara MALLEVILLE

    Graphic creator: Benoît GUILLAUME

    Author / Scriptwriter: Barbara MALLEVILLE

    Country: France

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  • L'Effeuilleuse


    Director, author / scriptwriter: Marina ROSSET

    Graphic creator: Jadwiga KOWALSKA


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  • Le Banquet de la concubine

    Le Banquet de la concubine

    Director: Hefang WEI


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  • Luxanima


    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Antoine GRIMARD, Henri-Marc BENOIT

    Country: France

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  • Merci mon chien

    Merci mon chien

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Julie REMBAUVILLE

    Graphic creator: Nicolas BIANCO-LEVRIN

    Country: France

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  • Vigia


    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Marcel BARELLI


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  TV series and specials

  • L'Héritier du Père Noël

    L'Héritier du Père Noël

    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Xavier CRUZ

    Country: France

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  • Mother's Love

    Mother's Love

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Laen SANCHES

    Graphic creator: Inés CUESTA

    Country: France

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  • Nena del espacio

    Nena del espacio

    Director: Ángel MARTÍNEZ

    Graphic creator: Alberto CORRALIZA

    Author / Scriptwriter: Ramón CHORQUES

    Country: Spain

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  • Oulala Célestine

    Oulala Célestine

    Graphic creator: Élodie BOUGEOIS

    Author / Scriptwriter: Sandrine JOLY

    Country: France

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  • The Undertaker Chronicles

    The Undertaker Chronicles

    Director: Lucas Blas GONDOLO, Martina SANTORO

    Graphic creator: Ignacio LAVIZZARI, Francisco CABALLERO

    Author / Scriptwriter: Lucas Blas GONDOLO


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  • Zip et Plaf

    Zip et Plaf

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Rémy BOUDET

    Graphic creator: Michaël BOLUFER

    Country: France

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