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Rio de Janeiro: a multicoloured carnival, stunning Corcovado, evocatively named beaches and luxurious jungle full of majestic birds.
Blu the parrot won't be disappointed by this trip...

Blu, a very rare parrot, returns to Rio with his owner Linda to meet his soul mate – the beautiful Perla, the last female of the species.
But everything is against them: Blu doesn't know how to fly and has always lived in captivity whereas Perla is independent and reckless in the face of danger.
A dark kidnapping will change the course of both their lives and make them discover hidden talents.
Blu and Perla can count on the unfailing support of plenty of colourful animals: Raphael the toucan, Luiz the friendly bulldog and Nico and Pedro, a duo of dancing and singing birds.
And all this in the middle of the carnival which rocks the entire city. Following the Ice Age trilogy, this is the sixth film that Carlos Saldanha has written for Blue Sky studios.