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The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie ©Nickelodeon Movies

The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie

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Bikini Bottom is experiencing an unprecedented period of turmoil: King Neptune's crown has been stolen!
Distraught, he accuses Eugène Krabs and puts Bob in charge of the inquiry. If he succeeds in less than six days, Neptune will wipe the slate clean over his accusation.

Everybody thinks Bob is immature, and he will have to prove that he is capable of coping with deep waters and avoiding pitfalls, but he can count on his loyal friend Patrick the starfish.
Seeking to prove that Plankton, their sworn enemy, is guilty, the pair will navigate troubled waters to Shell City, the whole time enduring constant attacks from Dennis, the hit man hired by Plankton.
Fortunately, they bump into David Hasselhoff, who saves the day (again)!
The marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg imagined a subaquatic TV series in 1984. He had to wait until 1996 for SpongeBob SquarePants to be born, and another three years for him to become the star of the screen at Nickelodeon.
Riding this wave of popularity, the studio teamed up with Paramount Pictures to produce a feature film starring the most famous Porifera in the history of Metazoa! Between animation and real images, the plot stars all the iconic characters of the series.
Released in 2004, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was a great success and triumphed at the box office. Here's your chance to be completely absorbed by it once again...


  • Aleksandr

    France - Rémy DEREUX, Maxime HIBON, Juliette KLAUSER, Raphaëlle RANSON, Louise SEYNHAEVE

  • Blik

    Netherlands - Bastiaan SCHRAVENDEEL

  • Bridge

    Russia - Dina VELIKOVSKAYA

  • Captain Awesome: The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle


  • Drug detstva

    Russia - Yulia POSTAVSKAYA

  • Eros

    Taiwan - Pei-wen LEE

  • Kuka kehtaa?

    Finland - Sanni LAHTINEN

  • Line

    South Korea - Hyeong-ik PARK, Hong-ran YOON

  • On the Water's Edge

    United Kingdom - Tommaso DE SANCTIS

  • Rendez-vous

    France - Titouan BORDEAU

  • The Stone that Went in Circles

    Canada - David BARLOW-KRELINA

  • Voed mij

    Netherlands - Niels DEKKER

  • Voyage au champ de tournesols

    France - Alexandre SIQUEIRA

  • Zaliger

    Netherlands - Nina GANTZ