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Idiots & Angels

Idiots & Angels

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Bill Plympton has directed an enchanting feature film, somewhere between poetry and cruelty, in which men fight for angels wings...

A notorious alcoholic, Angel is a disreputable man who doesn't think twice about hurting those around him to get what he wants.
One morning he wakes up with a pair of wings attached to his back, fighting him, which he must tame.
Less colourful and animated in a more simplistic style than Hair High, this feature film represents a period of intense work for Bill Plympton, who took control of the majority of the creative process, taking on the roles of writer, director, storyboarder, character developer, model maker, artist, animator and producer.
Born out of a simple conversation with a student, the idea led the independent director into a dark and mysterious alternate universe, chaotic and violent, whose dimensions are revealed through his irreverent and provocative humour.
Plympton made chose to abandon dialogue, opting instead for a soundtrack by Tom Waites which gives the audience the impression of being transported into a film noir.
A truly visual narrative, Plympton's sixth feature film leaves his brush strokes, inspired by artists such as Roland Topor, to do the talking.
The result is masterly: each character moves while metamorphosing, the abundance of black lines gives a specific texture which is both surprising and absorbing.
With each fresco dealing with human relationships, Plympton affirms in his own way that "everyone is an idiot, but everyone also has an angel in them".