Free Birds

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A turkey flock lives a corn-stuffed life, feeding and grazing with the farmer, who they swear will bring them to "Turkey Paradise". Everyone, except Reggie, a smart turkey whose bad-mouthing and disinterest in this quiet existence makes him an outcast.

Free Birds continues the tradition of the buddy comedy, featuring two incompatible turkey heroes: brainy, self-serving Reggie and dim-witted, heroic Jake – thrown into a rollicking, and ultimately life-changing, adventure. The screenwriters played with various pairings to create a truly mismatched duo of personalities and plenty of comic friction to convey the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and ultimately what it means to "do the right thing".


As opener, screening of Oscar-winning short Mr Hublot, directed by Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares (Watt Frame, Zeilt Productions)

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