Tiji, CANAL J, Gulli: les Espoirs de l'animation

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For their 13th competition, Les Espoirs de l'animation have grown and are now shown on three children's channels: CANAL J, TiJi and Gulli.

Since 2002, Les Espoirs de l'animation have been working hand in hand with French animation schools on a real educational exercise which consists in putting students in a virtually professional situation by having them respond to a commission which is then put to a children's vote and judged by a professional jury. The aim is to provide a context as well as a space of expression and creation for new talents.

New this year, the students got to choose which channel they would be working with, therefore which type of audience they would be targeting. They were encouraged to let their creativity run wild in order to illustrate this year's theme "Monkey Business", catering for the channel chosen: "My First Goof" for TiJi, "My Silliness, My Friends and Me!" for CANAL J, and "My Silliness, My Family and Me!" for Gulli.

In response to this commission, 32 new short films were created by around 100 students during the month they were given.

Les Espoirs de l'animation competition is a CANAL J, TiJi, Gulli initiative working in partnership with:

  • La Poudrière (Valence),
  • the Émile Cohl School (Lyon),
  • ESAAT (Roubais),
  • the Estienne School (Paris),
  • the SPFA,
  • CNC,
  • SACD.


  • Kiwi "Quel gros poulet !"

    Kiwi "Quel gros poulet !"

    France - Isabelle DUVAL

  • De Tumblies

    De Tumblies

    Netherlands - Patrick RAATS

  • Didou et la fée Arc-en-ciel

    Didou et la fée Arc-en-ciel

    France - Frédérick CHAILLOU

  • Mimi a Líza "Tety z pexesa"

    Mimi a Líza "Tety z pexesa"

    Slovakia - Katarína KEREKESOVA

  • Anton "Episode 1"

    Anton "Episode 1"

    Argentina - María Rosario CARLINO

  • Mofy "Sharing Half"

    Mofy "Sharing Half"

    Italy - Francesco MISSERI, Monica FIBBI, Gian Maria MISSERI

  • Sarah & Duck "Lots of Shallots"

    Sarah & Duck "Lots of Shallots"

    United Kingdom - Tim O'SULLIVAN

  • Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star

    Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star

    USA - Chel WHITE