En sortant de l'école

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En sortant de l'école is the first collection of animated shorts devoted to poetry and made by young film directors.

En sortant de l'école is the first collection of thirteen 3-minute animated shorts poetically associating 13 poems by Jacques Prévert with the graphic style of a selection of young filmmakers fresh out of French animation schools.

Produced by Tant Mieux Prod with support from France Télévisions and the Fatras Succession, the participation of Bayard Animation, RECA and funding from the Rhône-Alpes Region, the Haute-Savoie General Council and the communauté d'agglomération Valence Romans Sud Rhône-Alpes, this collection pays tribute to Prevert's liberal and adventurous spirit while also trusting in the talents of 15 young directors. They each chose one of Prevert's poems before illustrating it with their particular look, images, pace and technique to finally share the seemingly simple art of Prévert. Stop-motion, traditional or using an animation stand, paper cut-outs, digital 2D, 3D: the diversity of techniques is one of the major elements of this collection.

Leading partner in the production of French animation, France Télévisions encourage and spotlight emerging French talents through original productions.

At the end of the screening session, France Télévisions and Tant Mieux Prod will be announcing the winners of the second En sortant de l’école, dedicated to the poet Robert Desnos.


  • Les Oiseaux du souci

    Les Oiseaux du souci

    France - Camille AUTHOUART, Marie LARRIVÉ

  • Le Dromadaire mécontent

    Le Dromadaire mécontent

    France - Morgane LE PÉCHON

  • Le Cancre

    Le Cancre

    France - Chenghua YANG

  • L'École des Beaux-Arts

    L'École des Beaux-Arts

    France - Anne HUYNH

  • Quartier libre

    Quartier libre

    France - Marine BLIN

  • Âne dormant

    Âne dormant

    France - Caroline LEFEVRE

  • En sortant de l'école

    En sortant de l'école

    France - Lila PEUSCET

  • Page d'écriture

    Page d'écriture

    France - Marion LACOURT

  • Je suis comme je suis

    Je suis comme je suis

    France - Marion AUVIN

  • Presque


    France - Mélia GILSON

  • Le gardien du phare aime trop les oiseaux

    Le gardien du phare aime trop les oiseaux

    France - Clément DE RUYTER

  • Les Belles Familles

    Les Belles Familles

    France - Armelle RENAC

  • En sortant de l'école "Tant de forêts"

    France - Burcu SANKUR, Geoffrey GODET