Stop-motion: The Invincibles

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Bringing together some great animation classics, The Invincibles offers us a lesson in cinema and a very pleasurable moment!

There are films on the "must see" list. Classics. Films that make up the foundations of a culture. Gathered here are eight of the most outstanding shorts. Three have won an Oscar: Balance, Creature Comforts and Harvie Krumpet. Two others have been nominated: The Great Cognito and Screen Play. In 2005, a group of experts brought together by the Annecy Festival put Dimensions of Dialogue on top of a list of the 100 best animation films ever and most of the other films from the programme are also on that list.

So, here is a bunch of the best that stop-motion has been offering these past thirty years. And don't forget that Will Vinton, Tim Burton, Peter Lord and Nick Park have also initiated trends and inspired both aesthetically and technically: their contribution to the recent history of the cinema will be well remembered.

The Invincibles gives us a great lesson in cinema without being teacherly and a pleasure-filled moment of instruction.


  • The Great Cognito

    The Great Cognito

    USA - Will VINTON

  • Vincent


    USA - Tim BURTON

  • Moznosti dialogu

    Moznosti dialogu

    Czech Republic - Jan SVANKMAJER

  • Babylon


    United Kingdom - Peter LORD, David SPROXTON

  • Creature Comforts

    Creature Comforts

    United Kingdom - Nick PARK

  • Balance


    Germany - Christoph LAUENSTEIN, Wolfgang LAUENSTEIN

  • Screen Play

    Screen Play

    United Kingdom - Barry J. C. PURVES

  • Harvie Krumpet

    Harvie Krumpet

    Australia - Adam ELLIOT