Stop-motion: Joop Geesink – The Disney of Duivendrecht

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The Netherlands already had a professional film studio specialising in puppet animation over fifty years ago: Geesink Studio.

From the 1940s to the 1970s, the Geesink Studio was run by founder and producer Joop Geesink (1913-1984), one of the country's pioneers of animation, along with Marten Toonder and George Pál. The studio created hundreds of puppet films under the name Dollywood and has since won over 80 international prizes including several Lions awards at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

In its heyday, the studio employed over 100 people, mainly producing commercials, for Dutch company Philips, their largest client, but also for key international brands such as Mackeson, Ballantine, Campari, Coca-Cola, Knorr, Heineken, Heinz, and many more. The studio was active on all continents, with a special focus on Germany and Italy.

Geesink's puppet films are little gems that strike the eye by their professional animation techniques, immaculate backgrounds, cute puppets and funny stories. The productions typically show a safe world populated by cheerful characters.

This documentary highlights the innovative entrepreneurship of Joop Geesink and the unique talents of his animators through interviews with former employees and numerous memorable film fragments.


  • The Disney of Duivendrecht, a Businessman's Idea of an Artist

    Netherlands - Berenike ROZGONYI

  • Kermesse fantastique

    Netherlands - Joszef MISIK

  • Piccolo, Saxo and Company

    Netherlands - Jan COOLEN

  • The Travelling Tune

    Netherlands - Max KEURIS