In accordance with the measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the on-site Annecy Festival 2020 edition is cancelled.
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Mifa Pitches, TV series and specials

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Running order:

  • Lila and the Giants, Marcus Kenyon, Lindsay Watson, John Lomas-Bullivant, Jonny Ford, Great Britain
    Speakers: Jonny Ford, Lindsay Watson
  • Monster Anatomy, Anastasia Heinzl, Méryl Franck, Edouard Gibbes, France
    Speakers: Anastasia Heinzl, Méryl Franck
  • Anton, Maria Rosario Carlino, Mattias Ferreyra, Tomas Campos, Carmen del Rosario Garzon, Nicolas Giecco, Pablo Spollansky, Argentina
    Speakers: Maria Rosario Carlino
  • A Week with Shuteye, Claire Sichez, Claire Paoletti, Mai Nguyen, France
    Speakers: Claire Sichez, Claire Paoletti
  • Haïku, Christophe Queval, Philippe Aussel, Stéphanie Yang Chung, Thierry Huillet, France
    Speakers: Christophe Queval, Philippe Aussel
  • Yo, Elvis Riboldi / I, Elvis Riboldi, Javier Galán, Daniel Cerdà Emery, Jaume Copons, Ramon Cabrera, Oscar Julve, Ivan Agenjo, Spain
    Speakers: Javier Galán, Ivan Agenjo
  • Frogo and Frogrance, Vesselina Tomova, Yonko Donev, Borislav Scotchev, Aglika Moskovska, Bulgaria
    Speakers: Vesselina Tomova
  • Degolas, the Tiny Wood Elf, Jérémy Guiter, Claire Grimond, France
    Speakers: Jérémy Guiter, Claire Grimond


  • Gaetano STUCCHI
    Gaetano STUCCHI