Les Aventures du prince Ahmed / The Adventures of Prince Achmed

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

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You will be amazed by the technical skills of the oldest surviving animated feature film (1926), when you see it on the big screen.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed was inspired by the tales in One Thousand and One Nights.

While celebrating the Caliph of Baghdad's birthday, an African magician offers him a flying horse in exchange for a treasure. The Caliph accepts, but has to give up his daughter, Dinazarde. Her brother, prince Achmed, is opposed to this exchange, but the magician sends him off on the horse far away to the islands of Wak-Wak. There, an encounter with a mysterious stranger will change his life and lead him into a long adventure...

The director, Lotte Reiniger, is regarded as one of the pioneers in silhouette animation. After three years in the making, the film was first shown in 1926 and was an instant success.
You'll be able to marvel at this graphic masterpiece at the screening in the courtyard of the Musée-Château.

Director: Lotte Reiniger
1926, 65 min, general audiences

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