BackShort Films out of Competition

  • Amore d'inverno

    Amore d'inverno

    Directed by: Isabel HERGUERA

    Country: Spain, Italy

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  • Behind the Schoolbag

    Behind the Schoolbag

    Directed by: Chun Yu HO

    Country: Hong Kong

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  • Bloody Dairy

    Bloody Dairy

    Directed by: Min LIU

    Country: USA, Taiwan

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  • Bøygen


    Directed by: Kristian PEDERSEN

    Country: Norway

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  • Branded Dreams

    Branded Dreams

    Directed by: STUDIO SMACK

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Corpus


    Directed by: Marc HÉRICHER

    Country: France

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  • Dota


    Directed by: Petra ZLONOGA

    Country: Croatia

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  • Jailbreak


    Directed by: Aaron SORENSON

    Country: USA

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  • Le futur sera chauve

    Le futur sera chauve

    Directed by: Paul CABON

    Country: France

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  • Löss


    Directed by: YI ZHAO

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Love


    Directed by: Carlos MUNITA

    Country: Chile

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  • Macabre


    Directed by: Jerónimo ROCHA, João MIGUEL REAL

    Country: Portugal

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  • Mr Blue Footed Booby

    Mr Blue Footed Booby

    Directed by: Gino BALDEON

    Country: Ecuador

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  • Mzis chasvla

    Mzis chasvla

    Directed by: Mamuka TKESHELASHVILI

    Country: Georgia

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  • No-Go Zone

    No-Go Zone

    Directed by: L'ATELIER COLLECTIF

    Country: Belgium

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  • Ono


    Directed by: Genadzi BUTO

    Country: Belarus, Russia

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  • Pa Pa Pa

    Pa Pa Pa

    Directed by: Eden (Kai-hsun) CHAN

    Country: Taiwan

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  • Parade


    Directed by: Digna VAN DER PUT

    Country: Netherlands

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  • Perpetuum mobile

    Perpetuum mobile

    Directed by: Piotr KAMLER

    Country: Poland

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  • Que dia é hoje?

    Que dia é hoje?

    Directed by: Group of young people from Montemor-o-Novo COLECTIVO FOTOGRAMA 24

    Country: Portugal

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  • Signum


    Directed by: Witold GIERSZ

    Country: Poland

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  • Soil Is Alive

    Soil Is Alive

    Directed by: Beatrice PUCCI

    Country: Italy

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  • Spring Jam

    Spring Jam

    Directed by: Ned WENLOCK

    Country: New Zealand

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  • Tanzonk


    Directed by: Aleksandr SVIRSKII

    Country: Russia

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  • The Crossing

    The Crossing

    Directed by: Marieka WALSH

    Country: Australia

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  • The Darkest Truth About Love

    The Darkest Truth About Love

    Directed by: Hannah JACOBS, Lara LEE

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • The Poem

    The Poem

    Directed by: Xi CHEN, Xu AN

    Country: China

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  • Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service

    Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service

    Directed by: Kim CLAEYS, Karim RHELLAM

    Country: Belgium

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  • Tres moscas a medida

    Tres moscas a medida

    Directed by: María ÁLVAREZ, Elisa MORAIS

    Country: Spain, Lithuania

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  • Trial & Error

    Trial & Error

    Directed by: Antje HEYN

    Country: Germany

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  • Urbanimatio


    Directed by: Hardi VOLMER, Urmas JÕEMEES

    Country: Estonia

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