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Thee Wreckers Tetralogy by Rosto (Music and Animated Movies)

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Move to the sound of this screening that is a part of five retrospectives on the theme of the musical world of animation.

Allow the ear to see and the eye to hear! Music in animation is the second theme to be honoured during the 2018 Festival. It was essential for Marcel Jean, artistic director, "to give the chance to composers to speak, allocate them an important place in the Festival programme, and allow the public and professionals to meet each other".

The musical world of animation will thus be explored throughout this week of festivities!

Rosto is an out of the ordinary director as well as an accomplished musician, who was the leader of the Thee Wreckers since the mid 90s, a group that received the SACEM Award on two occasions. With Reruns this year, he finishes the tetralogy started in 2008 with No Place Like Home. These four short films that he has dedicated to his group now form a cohesive collection and an amazing invitation to travel. The documentary Everything's Different, Nothing Has Changed is the final part of the programme and allows us to better understand this group, the music and films.

Discover without delay this kind of "Fantasia of the rock'n'roll era" to quote the artist!



  • No Place Like Home

    Netherlands - ROSTO

  • Lonely Bones

    France, Netherlands - ROSTO

  • Splintertime

    Netherlands, France, Belgium - ROSTO

  • Reruns

    Netherlands, France, Belgium - ROSTO

  • Everything's Different, Nothing has Changed

    Netherlands - Joao MB COSTA, Rob GRADISEN