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Are Animation and Realism Compatible?

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While animation has always drawn its strength from the unique and original nature of its aesthetics, digital images (CGI) now allow us to get closer to realism.

Is it in the best interests of animation to be in the same domain already occupied by live action films and video games?

Does too much realism harm animation? Does photorealism still count as animation?


  • Kristof SERRAND
    Kristof SERRAND

    Head of Character Animation
    Dreamworks SKG

  • Corinne KOUPER
    Corinne KOUPER

    Directrice du Développement, Productrice déléguée, Fondatrice

  • Léon BERELLE
    Léon BERELLE

    Creative & technical director, co-founder
    Unit Image

  • Chris UYEDE
    Chris UYEDE

    Head of Character Lab
    MPC Film

  • Pierre-Olivier POU
    Pierre-Olivier POU

    Animation Art Director


  • Yann MARCHET
    Yann MARCHET