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Lighting and Effects for "Richard the Stork" / "Babylon Berlin" - Complex Crowd Simulations

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RISE took up the task of creating effects and rendering almost 500 shots for the Animated Feature Film “Richard the Stork”. Besides giving an overview of RISE’s Houdini and Mantra based lighting pipeline, Simon will showcase the various effects created for the movie, including the final cave collapse.

Simon has spent almost all of his professional career working at RISE Visual Effects Studios. In 2008, his first job there was to digitally blow up a building for the movie The Secret of the Terror Castle and so destruction and effects remained his main focus for several years - and he recently also worked as an FX Supervisor for Marvel's Dr. Strange. With RISE’s switch to Houdini for lighting and FX and the general growth of the company, he took over more and more pipeline responsibilities.

He is currently working on a big pipeline update that is required for delivering their next animated feature.

RISE will also present the tech behind over 800 shots for the most expensive non-English series to date: Babylon Berlin. Focusing on the Houdini work, we will take an in-depth look at the crowd system created for this show, including cloth simulations and approaches to streamline retargeting and animation.

Session in English