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The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

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What would you say to this small part of the crazy countryside with a fox who thinks he's a chicken and watched by the keen eye of a big nasty wolf?

Presented during a Work in Progress session at the 2016 Annecy Festival, then as a screening event in 2017, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales by Benjamin Renner (nominated at the Oscars for Ernest & Celestine) and Patrick Imbert is made up of three comical stories featuring farm animals.

In this tale, we follow the adventures of the big bad fox who is not actually very nasty. He's no match for a chicken that he tries to tackle, and leaves empty-handed. Even the astute advice from the big nasty wolf doesn't help! Burdened by his inability to carry out his primary role, he develops a formidable plan, but he has forgotten one small detail! Other animals from the farmyard who are just as scatterbrained accompany him on his madcap adventures...

Full of humour and tenderness, this small farm community will delight children and adults!

CANAL+ Evening