Taxandria, 1994, Conception graphique des décors : François Schuiten, Réalisation : Raoul Servais © Collection Musées d'Annecy

Animation Film: Filmmaking Secrets

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A large collection of drawings, puppets and other surprising materials, a touch of technique and a huge dose of magic await you at the Conservatoire d’art et d’histoire!

This enlightening exhibition revealing animation filmmaking secrets may be familiar to you… Proposed by the Musées d'Annecy last year, in the context of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, is back and enhanced with a new selection of original archive documents!

How do you breathe life into simple drawings, puppets or even some grains of sand? What techniques are used, from the past and currently, allowing artists to recount their most beautiful stories? What is hiding behind our favorite animated works?

Get down to the exhibition quick to find all the answers to these questions and discover the fascinating secrets of animation film!

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