Courtesy Mizuma Gallery/Tokyo


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From cartoons to VR, Japanese contemporary art is coming to Annecy!

Celebrating the land of the rising sun, the Annecy Festival 2019 edition is exhibiting the works of four Japanese artists at the haras. In collaboration with the Annecy association imagespassages, a local player who is actively involved in the moving images’ contemporary art field, the exhibition "Japonohara" presents four artists with four different universes of video works all offering unique experiences:

Yuki Kawamura and her surrealist work Nova in My Hand, an immersion between the depths of the ocean and to the Milky Way

Ikuru Kuwajima and his experimental exploration of Kazan in City of Transformers

Akino Kondoh and her animated nostalgic childhood themes in KiyaKiya

Momoko Seto and her organic film to experience in VR, Planet

Works that are sometimes poetic, and sometimes enigmatic, these creations will not leave you indifferent...

Rendezvous on 8th June for a presentation of the exhibition. More info at the website: imagespassages