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Just for one evening winter will return to the Pâquier with Frozen. A classic to watch over and over, whilst singing along!

The top box-office hit of all time for an animated film, it won many awards at the time of its release in 2013, and continues to make young and old dream today... Does Frozen still need an introduction?

All of Annecy are invited to meet on the Pâquier for a projection of this first opus ... with lyrics!

Transported to the Far North right in the middle of June, you can immerse or re-immerse yourself into Elsa’s freezing fantasy world, the queen possesses paranormal hidden powers. On her coronation day, her secret is revealed by accident and she plunges the Arendelle kingdom into an eternal winter. As she escapes into the heart of the mountains, her sister Anna tries to follow her tracks to convince her to come back...

A blanket on your knees, and fake micro in your hand, get ready to sing your heart and lungs out unison!