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Conservatory's Ensemble XX/XXI Concert Film

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The magical combination of animated film and musical creation in a live performance!

When students from the Conservatory in the Annecy region meet students from Pivaut, ESMA, ECV, ArtFX and LISAA schools, this is what happens… 11 original works that combine animated cinema and musical creation!

As part of the International Animation Film Festival, the fruits of these artistic collaborations will be revealed during a concert film evening at the Château d'Annecy. Under the direction of Christophe Torion, the Ensemble XX/XXI musicians will offer a live version of the music created by the students from the composition class in the Conservatory’s image and proposed by Olivier Militon to accompany the projected short films.

This evening you will discover:

  • L'Étreinte du froid
  • Château de sable
  • The Ladybird and the Aphid 
  • Gibier
  • The Box
  • The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse
  • Anomaly
  • Keiro
  • Mechanical Dance
  • Catch a Lot
  • Pioneers

A live performance for a visual and acoustic medley!

Free, first come, first seated.

Informations at the CRR, 10 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Annecy, 04 50 33 87 18

Onsite 30 minutes before the event (Château d'Annecy, musée lacs et montagnes, Place du Château, Annecy).