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Dôme VR

VR Dome

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Enter into the VR Dome and experience animation as you have never seen before!

When animation meets virtual reality, fascinating works rise up like a waking dream. There will be nine of them in the new VR category in competition at the Annecy Festival, but that’s not all, a superb selection of other creations will be awaiting discovery in the VR Dome set-up at the haras.

In this brand new dedicated area, the festival-goers and the general public will be able to try out this immersive technology for free throughout the Festival week. A unique way for all ages to experience animation!

The full programme:


Accused n°2 – Walter Max Sisulu (2019, 14 min) - Direction: Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte - Co-production: La Générale de production, Radio France, INA, UFO Production, Rouge international - with the support from the Ville de Paris

A Fisherman’s Tale: la Tempête (2018, 6 min) - Direction: Balthazar Auxietre (version 360° of the VR game A Fisherman’s Tale) - Co-production: ARTE France, Innerspace VR - with the support from the CNC and BPI France

Claude Monet – The Water Lily (2018, 7 min) - Direction: Nicolas Thépot - Co-production: ARTE France, Lucid Realities, Camera Lucida Productions, Musées d’Orsay and de l'Orangerie, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion - with the support from the Ville de Paris

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (2018, 6 min) - Direction: Gabrielle Lissot - Based on the Édouard Manet painting - Co-production: ARTE France, Iko

Isle of the Dead (2018, 8 min) - Direction: Benjamin Nuel - Based on the painting by Arnold Böcklin - Co-production: ARTE France, Les Produits frais - Avec la participation du CNC

Condamnés à jouer (2018, 5 min) - Direction: Gordon and Andrès Jarach - Based on the painting Children's Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Co-production: ARTE France, Camera Lucida Productions

Les Rêves du Douanier Rousseau (2018, 7 min) - Direction: Nicolas Autheman - Based on The Dream by Henri Rousseau - Co-production: ARTE France, Les Films du Tambour de Soie

Caravaggio – In tenebris (2018, 8 min) - Direction: Matthieu Van Eeckhout - Based on Caravaggio's works - Co-production: ARTE France, Atlas V, Pictanovo

Made in Annecy

Le Roselet (2019, 5 min) - Direction: Florian Desaunay - Production: Arcreoz

SIG3D - Serial Portraits VR (2019, 4 min) - Direction: Sigrid Coggins


Invasion! (2016, 6 min) - Direction: Eric Darnell - Production: Baobab Studios

Asteroids! (2017, 4 min) - Direction: Eric Darnell - Production: Baobab Studios

Tarzan (2016, 2 min) - Production: Warner Bros. Pictures

King Arthur (2017, 2 min) - Production: Warner Bros. Pictures

Red Bull Rampage (2018, 2 min) - Production: Red Bull

Teleport (2017, 5 min) - Production: Digital Domain

theBlu (2016, 15 min) - Direction: Jake Rowell - Production : WeVR

Crow: The Legend (2018, 22 min) - Direction: Eric Darnell - Production: Baobab Studios

Bonfire (2019, 22 min) - Direction: Eric Darnell - Production: Baobab Studios


Playmobil Ready Player Dance, a Playmobil: The Movie VR Adventure (2019, 4 min) - Direction: Olivier Rakoto - Production: 2.9 Film Holding, Bidibul Productions, Kaibou Production - In collaboration with ON Animation Studios

From 10 years old