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Sidi Kaba et la Porte du retour

Sidi Kaba et la Porte du retour
Sidi Kaba and the Gateway Home

  1. Overview
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To find his brother who has been kidnapped on a slave ship, the young Sidi Kaba crosses the ocean with the help from the goddess Mamy Wata. He reaches Sugar Island, where the fate of his brother, and the slaves, rests on a Homeric battle between resistant maroons, slavers and forgotten deities.

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Sidi Kaba et la Porte du retour

    Directed by: Rony HOTIN

    Country: France

    Running time: 01 h 30 min

  • Technique

    Category: Feature film

    Techniques used: 2D/3D computer

    Target public: Family

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  • Credits

    Directed by: Rony HOTIN

    Production: SPECIAL TOUCH STUDIOS, Sébastien ONOMO

    Development: Marion BOFFELLI, Lydia KALI

    Script writer: Jerome PIOT

    Graphic designer: Rony HOTIN

    Composer: Thibaut KIENTZ AGYEMAN