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Teplaya zvezda

Best of Annecy Kids 2020

  1. Overview
  2. Description

Attend the screening of the Best of Annecy Kids 2020, a selection of funny, touching and poetic short films that children will adore!

On the programme:

  • Marché des lumières by the GOBELINS, l’école de l’image
  • Teplaya zvezda by Anna Kuzina
  • Archie by Ainslie Henderson
  • Nature by Isis Leterrier
  • Under the Ice by Ismaïl Berrahma, Milan Baulard, Laurie Estampes, Hugo Potin, Quentin Nory and Flore Dupont
  • Catgot de Tsz Wing Ho
  • Like and Follow by Tobias Schlage et Brent Forrest
  • Boriya by Sung-ah Min
  • Cinema Rex by Eliran Peled et Mayan Engelman

This programme will enchant young children from the age of 6!

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