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Prolong the animation magic with the Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue where various Festival products are available, or take advantage of our online boutique to find items from previous festivals.

Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue

The Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue invites you to visit all year round, located inside the BD Fugue book store at the centre Bonlieu. You can take home souvenirs from the 2014 Festival as well as other various products like books, DVDs, posters, T-shirts, etc.

The book store will also be hosting certain Festival signing sessions, giving you the chance to meet your favourite artists. They even have a Bar area where you can take a break and have a quick refreshment while flipping through a book.

Handy Info
Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue

BD Fugue Café
Centre Bonlieu
1 rue Jean Jaurès
74000 Annecy

The Online Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue

You can't make it to Annecy this year?
Check out the online Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue where you can find Annecy Festival products.

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Online Boutique

Le Festival international du film d’animation : 50 ans d’une histoire animée

Discover the book Le Festival international du film d’animation : 50 ans d’une histoire animée by Dominique Puthod, Charman at CITIA, for sale at the Boutique du Festival @ bdfugue. A true immersion in the Festival, from the 1960s to today. (Available in French only)


Contains a detailed presentation of all films and programmes in the official selection,
tributes and retrospectives...

Festival Catalogue
  French rates
(EUR, Incl.VAT)
Foreign rates
(EUR, Incl.VAT)
Annecy 2014 L'Officiel 2014 35,00 41,00
Annecy 2013 L'Officiel 2013 35,00 41,00
Annecy 2012 L'Officiel 2012 27,00 37,00
Annecy 2010 L'Officiel 2010 26,00 36,00
Annecy 2009 L'Officiel 2009 25,00 35,00
Annecy 2007 L'Officiel 2007 20,00 30,00
Annecy 2006 L'Officiel 2006 10,00 15,00

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Title   French rates
(EUR, Incl.VAT)
Foreign rates
(EUR, Incl.VAT)
Creators & Creatures, the book
A souvenir book presenting a full visual panorama of animation films,
(2010 - 348 illustrated pages, French/English)
Couv du livre 45,00 52,00
Quand le cinéma d'animation rencontre le vivant
(2006 - 89 p., French, black and white illustrations)
cinema animation 20,00 32,00
Paul Driessen - Images et Réflexion
(Dutch, English, French)
driessen images 25,00 28,00

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