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 Annecy 2020 Modifications

01 - I bought an accreditation to attend Annecy 2020. Will I get a refund?

Yes, Annecy Festival will refund the accreditation's full amount without any administrative fees. If payment was carried out with a credit card, this was automatically credited. If the payment was carried out by a bank transfer, please send us your bank details and postal address to refund@citia.org.

02 - When will I be refunded?

Purchases made by credit card have been refunded: the credit card used for the purchase has been automatically credited since mid-April.
The refund will appear on your account under the title "Annecy Festival".

03 - I bought a Pass grand public for Annecy 2020, will I lose my year's advantages?

No. The Pass was refunded in full, but those who bought it will be able to benefit from the advantages all year long.

04 - I transferred my accreditation to a friend. How does the refund work?

The refund was sent to the person who paid for the accreditation.

05 - I am an exhibitor, or was accredited through a stand, what happens to my accreditation?

The confirmed and paid (partially and fully) stands and umbrellas can choose to carry their contract over to the 2021 Mifa edition. Their stand will be kept, and affiliated persons will be able to register again. If you prefer to cancel, the stand will be refunded in full and accreditations cancelled. For more information please contact the Mifa department directly.

06 - Is the Annecy 2020 edition completely cancelled?

No. The Annecy 2020 Online event is scheduled for 15th to 30th June 2020.

07 - Will the Annecy 2020 Official Selection be announced?

Yes, the Official Selection is revealed by category on an ongoing basis.

08 - When will we have the Annecy 2020 online programme?

End of April.

09 - Which events that were planned for 2020 will be re-programmed for 2021?

The tribute to animation from the African continent, and the Annecy Festival's 60th anniversary, will be programmed into the 2021 edition.

10 - What are the dates for the Annecy Festival 2021 edition?

The Annecy Festival and the Mifa will take place from 14th to 19th June 2021.

11 - Do you have answers to all your questions?

For any other questions concerning accreditations, please contact accreditation@citia.org.
For any other questions concerning refunds, please contact refund@citia.org.

 Annecy 2020 Online

01 - What are the different accreditations to access Annecy 2020 Online? What do they give you online access to?

Two accreditations are available to attend Annecy Online from 15th to 30th June:

  • A Festival accreditation for €15 VAT incl. for the general public, students & professionals
  • A Mifa accreditation for €110 VAT incl. for professionals

You can see the entire offer online.

Important, online payment by credit/debit cards only.

02 - When can we purchase an accreditation for the online version?

The Mifa accreditations are open now, and the Festival accreditations will open in mid-May.
Online accreditations are open until midday 29th June 2020.
The online content will no longer be available after 30th June.

03 - I had already purchased an accreditation for Annecy 2020 before its cancellation. Must I redo my accreditation?

Your Annecy 2020 accreditation has been refunded and is no longer valid.
Whether it is a Mifa or a Festival accreditation you must redo your accreditation request by filling in the appropriate form with your information.
Access the accreditation forms here.

04 - Is it possible to get a special price?

There are no special prices for these accreditations.

05 - I purchased a Festival accreditation for Annecy 2020 Online, but I would like to access the Mifa offer.

Please contact us at accreditation@citia.org indicating your full name and order reference number.

06 - I purchased an Annecy 2020 Online accreditation and would like to cancel it. How do I do this?

Please read the General Sales Terms and Conditions (GSC Accreditation Festival / GSC Accreditation Mifa) and contact us at accreditation@citia.org expressing your desire to cancel your registration.

07 - I purchased an accreditation and would like to transfer it to another person. How do I do this?

If it is a Festival accreditation, it is not possible to transfer your accreditation. Please read the General Sales Terms and Conditions.

If it is a Mifa accreditation, please contact us at accreditation@citia.org indicating your order reference number and the full name and e-mail address of the person you wish to transfer your accreditation to. Please note: after the transfer your access codes will be disactivated.

08 - I do not have a company structure or an intracommunity VAT number, can I still get a Mifa accreditation?

Yes, if you live in France or outside of the European Union.

09 - How is the VAT calculated on my accreditation?

I am accredited as French or under a French company structure: your accreditation price is calculated with tax included.

I am accredited as European (outside France) and I have an intracommunity VAT number: your accreditation price is calculated without tax.

I am accredited as European (outside France) and I do not have an intracommunity VAT number: your accreditation price is calculated with tax included.

I am accredited outside Europe or under a company structure outside of the EU: your accreditation price is calculated without tax.

10 - I would like an invoice. How can I receive one?

For Festival accreditations: the invoice is available in your personal space.

For Mifa accreditations: the invoice will be sent by e-mail to the address provided by you when filling in the invoice information on the form. For any other questions please contact us at accreditation@citia.org.

11 - I am a journalist, press agent or buyer already accredited to Annecy 2020. What happens to my accreditation?

Your accreditation is still valid. The access codes you received in your accreditation confirmation e-mail remain the same. You can connect to the Network space with these codes.

12 - I am encountering technical difficulties whilst trying to purchase my accreditation.

Please contact us at accreditation@citia.org.

 Official Selection

01 - How will I know if my film has been selected for the Annecy 2020 Online competition?

The Festival has already contacted the films in the Official Selection, as well as the films that weren't selected, for almost all of the categories. The Feature Films will be contacted before 30th April and the VR Works after 30th April. The Official Selection will be announced on 18th May.

If you haven't received this mail, please contact Laurent Million (laurentmillion@citia.org).

02 - My film has been selected in competition; what prizes is it up for?

The directors on the films' credits receive a free "Mifa" Official Selection accreditation. This accreditation is nominative and non-transferable. The terms and procedures are sent by the film department via e-mail.

If you have not received this e-mail please contact Laurent Million (laurentmillion@citia.org).

03 - I'm the producer of a film in the official selection, what am I entitled to?

In accordance with the Annecy 2020 Online regulations, the Official Selection (excluding Graduation Films) films' producers will benefit from a free "Mifa" accreditation (for one producer, in the event of a co-production, or another film representative). The terms and conditions have been sent by e-mail to the films' representatives. Any other of the films' representatives must purchase their accreditations.

04 - What does official selection accreditation include?

This free accreditation is strictly personal and non-transferable and gives access to Mifa accreditation.

05 - I have not received my accreditation/invitation form

Contact Miila Norros (miilanorros@citia.org) specifying your full name and film title.

06 - My film was not chosen by the Festival; how can I take part?

The person who submitted the film should receive official notification that the film has not been selected.

To take part in Annecy 2020 Online, you must get your own accreditation (available soon).

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