Le Quotidien Annecy https://www.annecy.org/ Logo Annecy https://www.annecy.org/resources/interface/logo_annecy.png https://www.annecy.org/ en Copyright 2009, CITIA Site officiel du Festival, du Marché du film d'animation, des Conférences et du Carrefour de la Création d'Annecy. 1440 Mon, 19 Nov 2018 15:34:36 +0100 Mon, 19 Nov 2018 15:34:36 +0100 2011 Prizewinners https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#360 https://www.annecy.org/ <p>The jury have named the winners for the 2011 Festival, during the closing ceremony. <br /><a title="Discover the Awards" href="http://www.annecy.org/annecy-2011/festival/awards" target="_blank">Discover the winning works!</a></p><br /> Sat, 11 Jun 2011 22:00:00 +0200 Marcel Jean on the 2014 event https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#563 https://www.annecy.org/ The Artistic Director of the Annecy Festival Marcel Jean presents this year's event, themes and innovations.<br /><p><span class="lettrine debut">"</span>For the second year in a row, here I am... at the helm of the Annecy Festival. The excitement remains the same with the anticipation of sharing the best of recent animation production with you, like leading you down a path of discovery with our various new developments and special programmes.</p> <p>This year, stop-motion animation is in the spotlight to celebrate an ensemble of both playful and crafty techniques using materials which in themselves make you think about toys and, in consequence, about a certain perception of childhood that is often glorified or distorted by filmmakers.</p> <p>By including two cine-concerts in the programme – one with Pierre Hébert and Andrea Martignoni, the other with Stéphan Oliva and Jean-Marc Foltz – we're seeking to enhance the festive side of our event by providing festivalgoers with unique and hopefully unforgettable experiences. Along these same lines, the meetings with Isao Takahata and Pete Docter promise some exhilarating moments and everlasting memories.</p> <p>Other new additions, the vote for short and feature films in competition will be online and the special prize ceremony starting Friday night will allow us to better recognise the winners and reconfigure the closing ceremony.</p> <p>We are good and ready for a week full of opportunities, revelations and surprises. Now it's your turn to taste everything on the savoury menu we've concocted for you.<span class="lettrine fin">"</span></p> Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:00:05 +0200 Annecy 2013 Replay https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#547 https://www.annecy.org/ Go back over to the best moments of the Festival and Mifa with Annecy 2013 Replay<br /><p>Check out reports from the Festival and Mifa in a few days time in a new digital publication: Annecy 2013 Replay.</p> <p>Check on your e-mails!</p> Sat, 15 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200 Watch the best of the Festival at the Forum des images. https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#548 https://www.annecy.org/ Discover the Annecy Festival list of winners. See you at the Forum des images, in Paris, from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th June. <br /><p><strong>Tuesday 25<sup>th</sup> June</strong><br /> 8:00 pm: Carte blanche to the Agence du court métrage (1h30)</p> <p><strong>Wednesday 26<sup>th</sup> June</strong><br /> 7:00 pm: award-winning shorts 1st part (1h30)<br /> 9:00 pm: award-winning shorts 2nd part (1h30)</p> <p><strong>Thursday 27<sup>th</sup> June</strong><br /> 7:00 pm: award-winning shorts 3rd part (1h30)<br /> 9:00 pm: award-winning feature (1h30)</p> <p><a title="Check out the programme on Forum des images" href="http://www.forumdesimages.fr/" target="_blank">Check out the programme</a></p> Sat, 15 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200 New: the Festivals Connexion Award https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#549 https://www.annecy.org/ The Festivals Connexion Award – Région Rhône-Alpes with Lumières Numériques, will be given to a short film in competition. In addition to 2,000 EUR, this prize also includes a day of calibration and a digital DCP creation.<br /><p>As a network of cinema festivals in the Rhône-Alpes region created in 2008, Festivals Connexion's main aims are to join means, defend the interests of its 54 festivals, exchange practices, add value to its members' actions and help and train volunteers.</p> <p>This first action is the perfect occasion to increase the influence of Festivals Connexion and present the Annecy event to the 5 juries, members of the Festivals Connexion network:</p> <ul> <li>Alexandra Fognini – <a title="Visit Festival du film court de Villeurbanne website" href="http://www.festcourt-villeurbanne.com/" target="_blank">Festival du film court de Villeurbanne</a> </li> <li>Mélodie Jaillet – <a title="Visit Caravane des Cinémas d'Afrique website" href="http://www.caravanedescinemasdafrique.com/" target="_blank">Caravane des Cinémas d’Afrique</a>, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon</li> <li>Loïc Portier – Roanne <a title="Visit Festival Ciné-court animé website" href="http://animationfestival.roanne.fr/" target="_blank">Festival Ciné-court animé</a> </li> <li>Sarah Quintric – <a title="Visit Biennale du cinéma espagnole website" href="http://www.annecinespagnol.fr/" target="_blank">Biennale du cinéma espagnol</a> d’Annecy </li> <li>Marco Gentil – Grenoble <a title="Visit Festival Voir ensemble website" href="http://www.laligue38.org/festival-voir-ensemble" target="_blank">Festival Voir ensemble</a> </li> </ul> <p>Check out the <a title="Visit Festivals Connexion website" href="http://www.festivals-connexion.com/" target="_blank">Festivals Connexion</a> website</p> Sat, 15 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200 LIBÉRATION CELEBRATES 40 YEARS: call for projects https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#551 https://www.annecy.org/ For its 40th anniversary, the French daily Libération is organising an animated film competition for young creatives attending the Annecy Festival.<br /><p>In partnership with the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Libération is launching a call for projects where each participant must create an original project for an animated film of no more than one minute for whatever medium and any chosen technique.<br /><strong>Applications are open to 18<sup>th</sup> September.</strong></p> <p>Candidates should send their projects, before 18th September on http://promo.liberation.fr/concours40ansanimation (available soon), to the following address, where they will also find a number of front pages from this well-known French publication.</p> <p><strong>15 projects selected </strong><br /> A selection committee will choose fifteen projects that represent the talent and artistic style of the candidates.<br /> These chosen films will be shown on the Libération website from 25<sup>th</sup> September to 30<sup>th</sup> October 2013.</p> <p><strong>3 winners</strong><br /> A jury, made up of Béatrice Vallaeys and Marie Lechner from Libération, and Annecy Festival's Artistic Director, Marcel Jean, will choose the three winning projects, announced Wednesday, 30<sup>th</sup> October 2013.</p> <p><strong>Prizes</strong><br /> The Annecy Festival will offer Annecy 2014 accreditation to the three finalists and 4-night's accommodation in a 2* hotel to the 1<sup>st</sup> prizewinner. Libération will offer the winners a one-year subscription to the digital version of the newspaper and a special edition framed photograph of a front page.</p> Sat, 15 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200 Find out about the Global Media Connect, co-organised by CITIA and Imaginove https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#534 https://www.annecy.org/ Through the Global Media Connect, CITIA and Imaginove aim to support projects that combine various skills. The GMCmifa is the opportunity for projects to emerge, gain support and get into the limelight.<br /><p><strong>The programme will include 8 project pitches and the prize-giving session for the <a title="More info about the prizes" href="http://www.annecy.org/annecy-2013/mifa/creative-focus/call-for-projects/2013-prizes">CITIA/Imaginove Prize</a>, </strong>consisting in an accreditation for the <a title="Visit Forum Blanc website" href="http://www.forumblanc.org/" target="_blank">Forum Blanc</a>, the international event dedicated to new media, new content and new uses. </p> <p>This award is sponsored this year by <a title="Visit AlloCiné website" href="http://www.allocine.fr/" target="_blank">AlloCiné</a>, which will be represented by Stéphane Beillaud, and will comprise the support of the AlloCiné content team for 6 months. A three-month subscription to <a title="More info about Adobe Creative Cloud" href="http://www.adobe.com/fr/products/creativecloud.edu.html" target="_blank">Adobe Creative Cloud</a> will be offered by Adobe Education as well.</p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200 Illumination Mac Guff is recruiting! https://www.annecy.org/daily-newsletter#539 https://www.annecy.org/ Illumination Mac Guff organised its first recruitment session at the Creative Focus on Wednesday 12th June. Interview with Christelle Balcon and Boris Jacq<br /><p><strong>This is your first recruitment session in Annecy, isn't it?</strong><br /> Indeed, we need to add at least another 100 people to our crews between now and next year. We're looking for graphic designers in all departments, from storyboarding to compositing, through to animation and lighting.<br /> During our recruitment session on Wednesday, we met up with over 20 candidates, along with <em>Despicable Me 2</em> Director, Pierre Coffin.<br /> We're optimistic about the chances of a number of these talents joining us very soon.</p> <p><strong>It's the first time you've been here with a stand too? </strong><br /> Our presence in Annecy is very constructive for us. We can meet up with many talented artists from different and interesting backgrounds. We already had 165 people come and see us spontaneously on the stand Wednesday. Some are still studying, but is was a first contact for us. We'll be following them now till they finish their training and watching their graduation work attentively. We're making the most of our visit to Annecy to expand relations with the schools here.</p> <p><a title="Visit Illumination Mac Guff website" href="http://www.illuminationmacguff.com/" target="_blank">Illumination Mac Guff</a> is the production studio for <em>Despicable Me, The Lorax</em> and <em>Despicable Me 2</em> for <a title="Visit Illumination Entertainment website" href="http://www.illuminationentertainment.com/" target="_blank">Illumination Entertainment</a> and <a title="Visit Universal website" href="http://www.universalpictures.fr" target="_blank">Universal</a>.</p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 08:30:00 +0200