• Making of : Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, salle Pierre Lamy
  • Opening films: The team of The Blue Umbrella and Monsters University, salle des haras
  • Décavision
  • Musée-château : Renaissance
  • Jurys 2013
  • Courier Exhibition: Faces from Places
  • Press conference for The Blue Umbrella with Saschka Unseld and Marc Greenberg
  • Press conference for Monsters University with Dan Scanlon and Korie Rae
  • 2013 Special Cristal Award: Jerzy Kucia
  • Accès CAUE



recruitment sessions, 265 projects presented, 16 awards and 13 meetings at the 2013 Creative Focus.


Creative Focus Call for Projects for feature films Award-winner

Funan has won the Ficam/Tomato Sound Factory prize for the Creative Focus Call for Projects for feature films.


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Arjun, the Warrior Prince 

Arjun, the Warrior Prince

Aya de Yopougon 

Aya de Yopougon



Géraldine Baché

Creative Focus opens


The Creative Focus, offering the perfect opportunity to discover new talents (recruitments and pitches of projects in development), will open its doors on Tuesday 11th June. On the bill: 4 days for 4 formats, targeting features, shorts, TV, cross-media, master classes and case studies. Interview with Géraldine Baché, Head of Creative Focus

Can you tell us what's new at the Creative Focus for 2013?

I wanted the content of the meetings to be more comprehensible, so this year, they are divided into master classes and case studies.
The master classes are essentially sessions for sharing knowledge and work experience, like finding out what goes on behind the scenes of an animation studio, (Sony Pictures or Laika this year), discovering new techniques or the career of an important filmmaker.
The case studies propose a more technical approach. A film is used as an example to understand the process of creation and production. This year, amongst others, "Writing an animated short film": a project selected in 2012 will be analysed in the presence of the authors and different partners. This meeting concept is inspired by the different stages of the creation process initiated by the Abbaye de Fontevraud.

The Adobe After Events will be another key moment of this year's Creative Focus: 3 live shows from Bishi, a London-based performer, in association with C-R-U-X, which combine technique (Adobe software) and artistic intervention. The 15 to 20-minute shows will be followed by a free networking and chat get together. I decided to put these events at the end of the day's programme to round off the Creative Focus with an unconventional and free-spirited session.


This traditional appointment for companies and creatives is in harmony with the Creative Focus concept. Last year, for example, 300 candidates were interviewed from 900 applicants. This year, we will be hosting Nickelodeon and Laika for the first time.

And the pitches

Our formula for giving project creators assisted help from a sponsor as early as April, enables them to receive professional coaching and useful pointers about the market to prepare their Creative Focus pitches.
The Banquet of the Concubine, a prize-winning project in 2010, is in the official selection this year. There's nothing more motivating than seeing projects that come to life and end up as films thanks to the Creative Focus!
Check out the pitches

Have a great Creative Focus, one and all!

L'oiseau pleureur

Meet up with Touscoprod at the Annecy Festival


Take part in the master class to learn about factors for the success of a crowdfunding project, as well as meeting the Touscoprod experts on their stand.

Take part at 9:30 am in the in the master class "The Keys of Crowdfunding. Bill Plympton: How to Make your Campaign Work". The Touscoprod team will also present the campaign for its short Dip N'Dance, directed by Hugo Cierzniak.

At the end of the master class, Claire Ledru, winner of the touscoprod Call for Projects, will present her project L’Oiseau pleureur as well as her campaign in which more than 200 people participated.

You can make an appointment to meet with the touscoprod expert team during the Festival

Founded in 2009, touscoprod is one of the first crowdfunding platforms and is particularly expert in the film field. Twice a month, the company offers training courses on the crowfunding process in Paris to put all the chances on your side to succeed in your fund-raising projects!


Les Toiles Enchantées at Annecy


As an association for children isolated by illness and handicaps, Les Toiles Enchantées brings the cinema to hospitals or health centres. Check out its tour with the film "Epic" at the Annecy Festival.

  • Tuesday 11th June at 5:00 pm
    Institut Guillaume Belluard, 3 avenue du Capitaine Anjot, 74960 Cran-Gevrier
  • Wednesday 12th June at 3:00 pm
    Centre hospitalier de la région d'Annecy, 1 avenue de L'Hôpital, Metz-Tessy, 74374 Pringy
  • Thursday 13th June at 1:30 pm
    Impro Henri Wallon, 1 allée Paul Patouraux, 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux
  • Friday 14th June at 2:30 pm
    APEI L'Epanou, 8 rue Louis Breguet, 74600 Seynod

Method Animation is recruiting


Method Animation is organising a recruitment session Wednesday morning at the Creative Focus. Read the interview with the Studio Director from Method Animation, Jean-Yves Patay.

"Once again this year, Method Animation is taking part in the recruitment sessions as they give us an excellent opportunity to meet talented people. Our company produces ambitious series with a visually rich design, and we are always looking for collaborators who can join our teams and contribute to our development.
I want to take advantage of this opportunity to meet all kinds of candidates, from freshly graduated young artists to experienced professionals who wish to get involved in the wonderful projects we are going to launch in the upcoming months.

From Tuesday to Friday, ten members of our team will be in Annecy. Do not hesitate to come and talk to us!


Aya de Yopougon

Aya de Yopougon

11 June (08:30 pm)


Sneak preview of "Aya de Yopougon"

A Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie film

Aya is 19 and lives in Yopougon, a working-class neighbourhood of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) renamed as Yop City in the end of the 70s. As a studious young girl, she divides her days between her studies, her family and her two friends, Adjoua and Bintou. When Adjoua gets pregnant, she and the child's father, Moussa, feel lost... What can they do?

Le haras


Get a Horse!

Get a Horse!

11 June (04:00 pm)


Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in "Get a Horse" World Debut, salle des haras

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents a never-before-seen short starring the one and only Mickey Mouse in Get a Horse!

Le haras



Master class Bill Plympton

Prize of the funniest film

11 June (08:30 pm)


Vote for the funniest film, every evening from Monday to Thursday, by attending the 8:30 pm screening, Décavision salle 2. The films selected by this vote will be screened on Friday evening in Décavision salle 2, at 8:30pm. The funniest film for 2013 will be chosen through a final vote!

Cinéma Pathé


Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill

Feature film in competition 01: My Mommy Is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill

11 June (06:00 pm)


Cinéma Pathé


Kristof Serrand

From Character Design to Animation: an Animator's Experience

11 June (04:30 pm - 05:30 pm)


Movement, acting etc.: find out how a character is developed in pre-prod.

Kristof Serrand will explain the process of a character's development in preproduction, through motion, acting and voice talent, and will show why the original design evolves throughout this process.

Chambre de métiers



Tigobo, Meet Ze Artists, retour à l'essentiel

11 June (03:00 pm - 05:30 pm)


L'Impérial Palace


How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

11 June (09:30 am)


A sneak peak at work in progress materials from How to Train Your Dragon 2 with director Dean DeBlois and producer Bonnie Arnold. The filmmakers will give an exclusive look at the new film with clips, images and behind the scenes examples of how the film takes shape.

Salle Pierre Lamy


Recrutement Disney


9:30 am-12:30 pm: Walt Disney Animation Studios recruitment session at the Creative Focus

O Apóstolo

Vote for Audience Award, feature film


Vote for your favourite feature, Décavision salles 3 and 4

Pinocchio : Décavision 3, 2:00 pm

O Apóstolo : Décavision 3, 8:30 pm

Chemin faisant de Georges SCHWIZGEBEL

Vote for Audience Award, short film


Vote for your favourite short, Décavision salle 1

CMC2 : Décavision salle 1, 4:00 pm and 8:30 pm

Conférence de presse

Press conference

Association française du cinéma d'animation (AFCA) press conference

Rézo Imaginove

Rézo Imaginove cocktail reception, Networking Lounge: 6:30-9:00 pm