• 9:30 amWork in Progress: The Bad Cat
    Salle Pierre Lamy
  • 9:30 amAnkama's Lineup – Press Conference
    Impérial Palace, Tente impériale
  • 10:00 amSpecial Programme: Women and Animation – Janet Perlman
    Pathé 3
  • 10:30 amScreening of the feature in competition Sabogal, followed by a press conference
    Bonlieu Grande salle/Press Meeting Corner
  • 10:30 amMifa Special Events : Evolution of the Animation Market by the CNC
    Impérial Palace, Prestige
  • 11:00 amShare With: Amazon
    Impérial Palace, Haendel B
  • 11:00 amFestival extras: Masterclass with Michèle Lemieux
    Musée-Château, Grande salle
  • 11:15 amWork in Progress: The Boy and the Beast
    Salle Pierre Lamy
  • 2:00 pmBusiness Conference: Is There a Recipe for a Successful Girl/Boy TV Series?
    Impérial Palace, Ravel A&B
  • 2:30 pmAnatomy of a Studio: Sergio Pablos Animation
    Chambre de métiers
  • 3:00 pmScreening Event: DOFUS – Book 1: Julith
    Pathé 2
  • 4:00 pmBusiness Conference: Talent Development and Animation Shorts
    Impérial Palace, Ravel A&B
  • 4:00 pmTerritory Focus: Vancouver Animation: 30 Years of Quality, Creativity and Innovation
    Impérial Palace, Tente impériale
  • 4:00 pmScreening of the feature in competition Adama, followed by a press conference
    Bonlieu Grande salle/Press Meeting Corner
  • 4:30 pmProduction Organisation Conference – Anatomy of a Studio: Cube
    Chambre de métiers
  • 6:15 pmKeynote : Genndy Tartakovsky: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Bonlieu Petite salle
  • 8:30 pmScreening Event: Minions
    Bonlieu Grande salle
  • 8:30 pmSpecial Programme: Guest Country: Spain – Modern Times
    Pathé 3
  • 9:45 pmOperation Orange Virtual Contest
    Le Pâquier
  • 10:00 pmOpen-air screening: Les Films de l'Arlequin
  • 10:15 pmOpen-air screening: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
    Le Pâquier
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Macián, le maître/Macián, the Master : "Sinfonia escarlata – Tomate Corchero" - MACIAN Francisco

The Evolution of Spanish animation


For the 4th day of the Annecy Festival, enjoy an overview of the development of Spanish animation through two Special Programmes and a conference.

Today, you can soak in two Special Programmes about Spain: Under the Yoke and Modern Times. Discover how the Franco regime used animation propaganda or how this art really took off at the end of the 1950s (particularly with Moro studios).

At 2:30, you can hear from Sergio Pablos during a conference about the SPA (Sergio Pablos Animation). This Madrid-based studio have made it big and collaborated with Universal, Blue Sky, DreamWorks and Warner Bros.
Their goals and productions will be discussed, as well as their current project: Klaus.


Meetings with female filmmakers


Today, you can come to four different Special Programmes around this year's theme: Women and Animation. You can also take part in a meeting about making TV programmes that are geared towards girls or boys.

Amongst the four Special Programmes offered today, you can discover the work of two women who are being honoured: Janet Perlman and Stacey Steers. The 'Cristal' Women programme celebrates all the women who have won the Cristal for a Short Film over the years. The Future is Woman offers a look at films by up-and-coming female animators whose work promises great things to come.

A Business Conference at 2:00 pm at the Impérial Palace is centred around TV programmes targeting a girl/boy audience. Six speakers (5 being women) from the industry will share their analyses to help you develop your programmes according to your target audience.

Conférence de presse/Press Conference Lagardère - Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

Take a trip inside the world of animation!


A documentary titled Au pays du dessin animé (Cartoon Land) was made for the 30th anniversaries of the Mifa and CANAL J. It will be screened at the Mifa's opening party and then broadcast on MyHomeFestival and you can also see the short version today on this site!

Lulu and Lola take off to discover the world of animation. While traveling, they have several encounters and end up in Annecy! Will they make their dreams come true by acting in a famous animation film?

This exclusive film, sponsored by Lagardère Active and produced by Label Image,will also be broadcast on CANAL J and Gulli in the near future.

"DOFUS – Livre 1 : Julith"/"DOFUS – Book 1: Julith" - ©ANKAMA

The Ankama studio's development


The Ankama team is coming to Annecy to present their upcoming productions. You can come to the screening of the first part of their new feature and attend the press conference to find out all about the studio!

Come to Pathé 2 at 3:00 pm to watch the first 40 minutes of the feature DOFUS – Book 1: Julith. The film is being made entirely in France and is very close to the original experience offered by Ankama: circulate from one media to another (video game and DOFUS film), find your favourite characters and let them carry you away to their imaginary world.

Along the same lines, come to the Mifa press conference on Ankama’s Lineup – Press Conference where they will talk about their current projects and editorial line which is opening up to new genres and formats.

Bakemono No Ko/The Boy and the Beast - Nippon TV, Studio Chizu, Gaumont

'The Boy and the Beast' by Mamoru Hosoda

18 June (11:15 am - 12:30 pm)


Producer Seiji Okuda will present a Work in Progress session on "The Boy and the Beast" (working title), directed by the highly revered animator Mamoru Hosoda.

A coming-of-age fantasy tale about Kyuta, a lonely boy who lives in the human world and Kumatetsu, a lonesome beast who lives in the imaginary world. The relationship, at times stormy, between the beast and his young apprentice gradually grows stronger. Their fortunate encounter will be the beginning of an adventure that goes beyond your imagination.

Come and share this experience with Seiji Okuda, who was also Assistant Producer on Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.
He'll tell you about how the idea for the film exploring the parent/child relationship got started. It's set for theatrical release in Japan in July and France in December.

Salle Pierre Lamy


WIP : "The Bad Cat" - all rights reserved

The Bad Cat: an animated epic for young adults

18 June (09:30 am - 10:45 am)


Mehmet Kurtulus (Director) and Ozgur Yilmaz (Head of R&D and Pipeline Designer) from Anima Studios Istanbul are coming to present "The Bad Cat", their film that's currently in development.

The unforgettable bad cat Shero and his foul-mouthed gang are street animals who are after what anyone else in their notoriously sleazy Istanbul neighbourhood wants: debauchery with girls, food and the occasional drinking binge.

Salle Pierre Lamy


Conférence, Chambre de métiers - Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

Meetings: Festival Conferences


Come and find all the keys to a great animated project's development with three informative conferences.

Today's conferences:

Emerging Tools: The speakers will introduce a software that renews the conventional approach to the pipeline while also significantly enriching the possibilities of representation and treatment. 9:30 am at the Chambre de métiers.

Talent Development and Animation Shorts: Three experienced professionals will share their insight about guiding writers in animation, especially for short films. 4:00 pm at the Impérial Palace.

Anatomy of a Studio: Cube: Founded in 2002 by three associates, Cube often works closely with the Festival, they even made the trailer for Annecy 2013. Lionel Fages will talk about several aspects of the studio. 4:30 pm at the Chambre de métiers.


An everything Minions day!


Today, Bob, Stuart and Kevin will be spending the day in Annecy since their film is being screened as a sneak preview. It'll be hard to miss them, so you'd better not!

On today's programme

4:30 pm
The Minions arrive on the Pâquier to hand out goodies and take pics with their fans!

7:20 pm
Our three yellow friends will hop in a carriage and mosey along from the Impérial Palace towards Bonlieu.

8:30 pm
Sneak preview screening of Minions!

Pierre Coffin, Co-directer of the film will be here tomorrow for a Creation Conference. He'll share his directing experience with you and talk about what inspires him. Come by on Friday at 11:00 am at the Chambre de métiers.

Le petit journal

Get animated with 'Le Petit Journal' from CANAL+!


Tonight at 8:25 pm, make a date with the popular daily show in France, "Le Petit Journal" on CANAL+ to see their animation special for the Annecy Festival!

This is the first time on French television that a primetime show will be aired entirely in animation. The whole "Petit Journal" team got involved for this animated episode with the GOBELINS and Supinfocom contest. Host Yann Barthès and his silly-but-loveable crew, the set and even the audience will be represented by different kinds of animation: 2D, 3D, animation design, mixed techniques, illustrations, etc. 

Don't miss it!


The AADN questions humans' relationship with the digital world.


The AADN is offering two art exhibitions that establish links between art, society and technology.

Come and have an interactive experience with:

Men Standing Up
Come and have a chat about human rights and collective memory. Sixteen luminated beings have collected stories from Annecy locals and might want to share them with visitors. Come and share your voice, your point of view or your emotions with these animated statues.

Get immersed in a reinvented universe where sound particles and light rays transporty you into an abstract land. Come along on this trip that will stimulate your senses and turn your ideas of geometric space upside down.

Come see it until 20th June from 2:00-6:00 pm at Le Point Commun in Cran-Gevrier.


The first feature from Colombia to be in competition


The animated feature from Colombia, "Sabogal", is the first to represent its country in the official competition.

The film is adapted from a popular TV series of the same name and mixes animation techniques and archive footage. The film's crew are here in Annecy and are very excited to be able to share the history of their country with an international public and rub shoulders with great names from the animation community. Make a beeline for the Grande salle at 10:30 am this morning to catch the last screening of the film, followed by its press conference.

Adam Elliot by Vrej Kassouny

Caricatures by Vrej Kassouny


A well-known illustrator and animator has been sketching the filmmakers at the Shorts & Breakfast sessions.

A man of many talents, Vrej Kassouny is the Director of the ReAnimania festival (Armenia), Founder of the KASSart production animation studio, director of animated shorts, painter and caricaturist. The latter of these abilities is why he's here in Annecy, and every day, he's drawing caricatures of the filmmakers at the Shorts & Breakfast sessions. Check out his drawings on the Annecy Festival's FaceBook page and try to figure out who's who!


Surprise de Jack Black/Surprise from Jack Black - DreamWorks

Surprise from Jack Black


Last night a suprise video found its way to the Pâquier's giant screen: Jack Black showed up to wish the Mifa a happy anniversary!

DreamWorks animation studios also wanted to celebrate the Mifa's 30th so they saved us a surprise. Jack Black, the voice of Po from Kung Fu Panda, wanted to wish the Mifa a happy 30th in person!
If you missed the video, find the Jack Black clip on today's YouTube playlist.

Genndy Tartakovsky à l'œuvre/at work

Genndy Tartakovsky's Career

18 June (06:15 pm - 07:30 pm)


Today's Keynote speech is sure to be full of passion since it will be coming from Genndy Tartakovsky. Well-loved and respected animator, he's influenced the animation industry through his career and his work. He'll be speaking in the Petite salle in Bonlieu at 6:15.

Genndy Tartakovsky has received 13 Emmy nominations as well as the prestigious Winsor McCay Award for his work on the series Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. In 2012, his first film as a Director, Hotel Transylvania, was presented at the Annecy Festival as a WIP and shown on the Pâquier the following year.

This event will be a great opportunity to get to know more about his past and what's to come, like Hotel Transylvania 2.



Share with - Photo : K. Pauli/CITIA

Three international groups are coming to share something with you


Today, there are three Share With sessions with key players in animation.

One session after another today at the Impérial Palace.

To start off, come and meet Pascale Faure from CANAL+ at 10:15 am, then at 11:00 am, Tara Sorensen from Amazon will be here, then Nina Hahn from Nickelodeon at 11:45.

They'll be sharing the needs of investors for acquisitions and co-productions.

Photo : D. Bouchet/CITIA

The CNC's research study on animation

18 June (10:30 am - 11:30 am)


As a part of the Mifa Special Events, learn about economical trends in the animation market's evolution.

Frédérique Bredin, Vincent Leclercq and Benoît Danard will be here to share the results of their study with you. The CNC will also give an update about what's to come in 2016 regarding their audiovisual animation sponsorship and the French tax credits promoting animation. See you at 10:30 am at the Impérial Palace.

Impérial Palace


Margie Cohn - Photo : MC. Huo/CITIA

Creations from big animation studios


Two Studio Focus sessions today will be the chance to hear from big studios as they shed light on thier creative and technological processes.

Come and listen to Dylan Sisson, Technical Artist at Pixar, talk about his latest RenderMan creation. He'll present the studio's latest short: LAVA. Then you'll have a sneak peek at the new technology being used in Pixar's upcoming feature: Finding Dory. See you at 2:00 pm today at la salle Pierre Lamy.

Four speakers, including Rob Sorcher, Chief Content Officer at Cartoon Network, will be speaking about their experience and their films made in the award-winning Cartoon Network Studios artists' programme. Come see a sneak preview of the latest series created by the studio: We Bare Bears by Daniel Chong. 4:00 pm at salle Pierre Lamy.

Laurence Blaevoet, CANAL+ - Photo : K. Pauli/CITIA

Animation for kids


The film Lire, c'est délire was the result of the TFou d'animation 2014 contest. This 90-minute feature directed by Patrick Ermosilla and produced by Superprod, was adapted from contest-winner Marie Manand's script. After the screening, next year's theme will be announced. See you at the Impérial Palace at 2:30 pm.

The CANAL+ press conference will be the chance to discover the group's new editorial line. Three speakers, including Laurence Blaevoet will lead the conference on the Plage de l’Impérial at 6:00 pm.