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  • Bible, les Récits fondateurs "Babel, le Récit d'une folie totalitaire"

    France, Luxembourg - Sean MCCORMACK, Serge BLOCH

  • Sesenta y ocho voces, sesenta y ocho corazones "Episodio 1"

    Mexico - Ana Gabriela BADILLO

  • BoJack Horseman "Fish Out Of Water"


  • Mouvement Deluxe "Episode 4"

    Canada - Mathieu HANDFIELD

  • Super Science Friends "Episode 1: The Phantom Premise"

    Canada - Brett JUBINVILLE

  • The Man-Woman Case "Wanted"

    France - Anaïs CAURA

  • Trollhunters "Becoming Part 1"

    USA - Rodrigo BLAAS, Guillermo DEL TORO

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