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  • Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom "Legal Eyes"

    Israel - Tal ZAGREBA, Robert MORENO, Daniel SASSON

  • Mr. Lif & L'Orange

    USA - Kris MERC

  • CNN "Blue"

    United Kingdom - Dave (David) PROSSER, Daniel CHESTER, Marie-Margaux TSAKIRI-SCANATOVITS

  • Life Animated


  • Only Education, Make Growth More Wonderful

    China - Xun YIN

  • The School of Life "Cultural Mining"


  • Plasticine

    United Kingdom - Raj YAGNIK, Tine KLUTH

  • Journey Through Creativity

    France - Tévy DUBRAY

  • Créa

    Canada - Emmanuel MAURIÈS-RINFRET, Mélissa MATOS, Guillaume COMBEAUD

  • Le Chef

    Hungary - Lazin DAMJAN, Halasi BALINT

  • Material World

    United Kingdom - Anna GINSBURG

  • Moby "Are You Lost in the World Like Me?"

    USA, United Kingdom - Steve CUTTS

  • SGCH "Josh's Story"

    Australia - Stefan WERNIK

  • Little Lungs "Birthday"

    USA - Peter SLUSZKA

  • The Human Slaughterhouse

    Netherlands, United Kingdom - Cesare DAVOLIO, Simon BUIJS

  • A Story of a Refugee

    Egypt - May HASSAN

  • Human Rights Explained

    United Kingdom - Fraser DAVIDSON

  • Big Sister

    Congo (The Democratic Republic of the), Israel, United Kingdom - Yoni GOODMAN

  • Katie Melua "Perfect World"

    United Kingdom - Saul FREED, Karni ARIELI

  • Endangered Love

    Brazil - Diogo KALIL, Mateus DE PAULA SANTOS

  • Dick the Dog

    France - Pétra MRYZK, Jean-François MORICEAU

  • Giedré "Les Rois des animaux"

    France - Anaïs CHEVILLARD

  • Spectacle of the Real

    USA - BUCK

  • White Night

    Israel - Naama ZARFATY, Nadia DUBIJANSKY

  • /slash Trailer 2016

    Austria - Wolfgang MATZL

  • Holland Animation Film Festival 2017 "Festival Leader"

    China - Ding SHIWEI, Lu CHEN

  • Space Cocks

    Germany - Janina PUTZKER

  • Image par image

    Russia, Ukraine - Yulia ARONOVA, Eugène BOITSOV

  • Elemental

    Germany - Adrian MEYER

  • Cocoon "I Can't Wait"

    Belgium - Simon MEDARD

  • Le Mot des académiciens "Verre"

    France - Momoko SETO

  • TED-Ed "How Small Are We in the Scale of the Universe?"

    USA, United Kingdom - Yukai DU

  • Fábrica de emoções

    Brazil - Gabriel NOBREGA

  • Honda "Ridgeline"

    USA - PES

  • The Greatest Gift

    United Kingdom - Sam FELL

  • BBC Olympics "Rio 2016"

    United Kingdom - AGAINSTALLODDS

  • What Makes Something "Kafkaesque"?

    USA - Jeremiah DICKEY

  • Stone Age

    South Korea, France - Florian LANDOUZY

  • Adult Swim ID "Mr. Pickles"


  • Fleddy Melculy "Apu Van De NightShop"

    Belgium - Pierre MOUSQUET, Marc-Antoine DELEPLANQUE, Hubert SEYNAVE

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