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Official Selection

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In 2020, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival has received over 3,171 films from all over the world between November and March.

2020 Selection

Check out the list of the Official Selection films in competition for Annecy 2020:

Short Films

Feature Films

VR Works

Discover the Official Selection

The Official Selection

The Selection Committees

The Annecy 2020 Official Selection is carried out by the Artistic Director, Marcel Jean, the Films & Programme Planning team, Laurent Million, Yves Nougarède and Sébastien Sperer, as well as:

  • Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme, Director of the Cinémathèque de Grenoble
  • Marie-Pauline Mollaret, Chief Editor of the magazine EcranNoir.fr
  • Clémence Bragard, Independent Events Manager specialized in animation film, Programmer of the National Animation Film Festival for the Afca
  • Isabelle Vanini, Programmer of the Forum des images (Carrefour du cinéma d’animation…) and "animation expert" for the CNC, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Ciclic and the César

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Mifa Offer

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2020 Awards

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2019 Archives

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We would like to inform you that not all of the Feature Films in the Official competition and the Contrechamp category can be put online during the Annecy 2020.
The financing conditions and session rights according to specific territories or markets prohibit certain films having unrestricted access. Therefore, in the event that certain films cannot be offered to all festivalgoers we have requested the producers provide a minimum 10-minute extract or to produce a short documentary presentation.
The jury members will of course have access to the films in their entirety.

The Festival Management

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- See all the FAQ for the official selection
- Programme available in May 2020