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A year after the Mifa Pitch sessions, here's news about the development of some of the projects presented.


Feature Film Project



Project leaders: Lisa Marie Russo and Kate Ogborn
Directors: Lisa Marie Russo and Gabriella Ditton
United Kingdom

What do you particularly remember about your Mifa Pitch session?
It was a good opportunity for myself and Gabriella Ditton to present the project to a very large audience, and share the trailer and images. We also had three of the animators who have been working on the project with us at the festival – Oliver Pendle, Tom Willis and Elmaz Ekrem. This young team of animators was supported by the regional screen agency Screen South in the UK to attend the festival and pitch. We met with a range of companies and saw shorts and features, as well as presentations. Toonboom is sharing their software with the animators.

What stage is your project at today?
We pitched to the British Film Institute at the Sheffield Documentary Festival two days before Annecy. We were successful in getting development finance and are working on the script and an animation bible. During development we will continue to identify companies who work in 2D and who may be appropriate partners for production.

A word about your participation in the Mifa Pitches?
As a filmmaker primarily working in live action cinema for Fly Film in the UK, Annecy offered a unique environment to connect with individuals and companies who can help us get the film made. The Lollipop team of young animators soaked up all the festival had to offer, and their attendance at Annecy has played a crucial role in helping kick start their careers.

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Short Film Project


A Tiger with no Stripes

Project leader, director: Raúl Alejandro Morales Reyes
2017 Mifa Pitches Partner Prizes: Animation du Monde Ciclic Prize and Folimage résidence jeune public Award

What struck you most about your Mifa Pitches participation?
I remember the first time I made the pitch, in a workshop. It was all over the place! Thanks to feedback and this first experience I was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and apply this to my final presentation. The Mifa Pitches represent a remarkable test of self-confidence, and provided a format and set-up that guided me for presenting my project to others. Thanks to winning two residence program awards I’ll be able to make my movie.

What phase of development is your project in now?
Today, I’m redoing the script, assessing it and deciding which points must be included in the story, and paring off what I judge to be less essential. Before advancing further, animatic tests will be done, to check both the tone and the technique.

How will the partners of your awards help in developing your project?
The Ciclic residence program will help me in the design of the short film book and preproduction. Folimage’s contribution is a big piece, since next year I’ll be able to produce the short with them as well as work on preproduction and festival exposure. Because of the Folimage prize I’m also in touch with the Fontevraud residence for developing the script. I was able to attend a workshop there under Michael Dudok de Wit and work for a month on the project.

A word about your participation in the Mifa Pitches?
This is a life-changer for directors like me who live in countries where the animation industry barely exists. What an excellent opportunity to partake of the world’s greatest animation festival, and to rub shoulders with potential producers, partners and others interested in the projects. For people who are bent on going as far as possible in making their movies, it’s pure gold to be the focus of those bright international spotlights and find resources to carry out their projects.

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Web site of Raúl Alejandro Morales Reyes
Projects of Raúl Alejandro Morales Reyes

Project for a TV special and series

Mama K’s Super 4

Mama K’s Super 4

Project leader: Malenga Mulendema

What struck you most about your Mifa Pitches participation?
The work sessions with the tutors and other participants were just full of information and help above and beyond the pitches. It’s marvelous to have fresh outlooks, advice and backing by real experts in the field. Also, it’s fantastic to learn from the other participants.

What phase of development is your project in now?
Right now, we’ve signed a development agreement with Cake Entertainment and a pre-buy option with a major broadcaster. We’re also reworking our pitch and the script line test with the new international writers approved by the broadcaster. After that, we’ll most probably develop a teaser and animatics.

A word about your participation in the Mifa Pitches?
Annecy is really the perfect place for pitching because there’s so much support there that you’ll be in great tone to deliver your finest pitch ever. For people like me – new to the animation industry – this is the best possible crash course. And I think that for those already versed in animation, Annecy represents an opportunity to draw inspiration from. There are plenty of opportunities to push your project forward, to cooperate and learn from so many different people from the world over.

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I’m a writer based in Lusaka, Zambia, but I work with Africa’s leading animation studio, Triggerfish Animation, located in Cape Town, South Africa. All project updates are on Triggerfish Studios’ website.
The drawings and pictures of the project are by Malcolm Wope, from Cape Town, South Africa. To see his work

Interactive Creations & Transmedia



Project leader: Mikel Mas
Directors: Celia Rico and Mikel Mas
2017 Mifa Pitches Partner Prize: INA – Expert Prize

What do you particularly remember about your Mifa Pitch session?
I remember the day before the pitch because we worked until midnight to ensure we presented our project at its best! It was very gratifying to see that the audience liked Mironins. At the end of the pitch, a lot of people showed interest and asked to be kept informed about the evolution of the project. Finally, it was very interesting to see the other transmedia proposals of the session. It was a very inspiring and rewarding experience.

What stage is your project at today?
We are finishing the financing process of the Mironin's TV series (one of our transmedia platforms) and we hope to start the production at the beginning of next year. At the same time, we are waiting for the resolution of a grant to develop the augmented reality app of Mironins for the Joan Miro's museum. 2018 will be a great year for the Mironins!

What was the contribution to the development of the project from the partner that awarded you the prize?
We are not working with them yet but we are in contact with Jean-Claude Mocik from INA and we have decided to start working together after the resolution of the augmented reality grant (planned for January of 2018). The grant is a FEDER's fund and we need to know if we've got this grant to design the next steps of the Mironins' transmedia.

A word about your participation in the Mifa Pitches?
Currently there are a lot of good projects in the audiovisual industry and it's necessary to participate in festivals and markets like Annecy to present your idea. In our case, the participation in the Annecy pitch has been very helpful to convince new partners of the project. An example of this is that the Catalan government decided to support Mironins with an audiovisual production grant after the Annecy pitch.

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Mironins Transmedia

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