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Recruitment sessions will take place during the Mifa, from Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th June 2019.

Recruiters: complete your workforce and organise recruitment sessions during the Mifa.

Candidates: apply for a recruitment session and present your book or demo reel to visiting animation studios.

Recruiters can recruit in 6 stages

  1. Get Mifa accreditation.
  2. Contact the Mifa team to reserve your session (3h).
  3. Pay online to validate your session.
  4. Post a job ad on Annecy Network with a profile of the candidates you are looking for.
  5. Check out candidates' CVs, blogs, demo reel and portfolios. Select the ones you would like to meet.
  6. Take advantage of help from the Mifa team to organise your appointments.

Two recruitment options are available:

Candidates can apply in 4 stages

  1. Get Festival, Meetings or Mifa accreditation.
  2. Log on to Annecy Network to read the job ads throughout May.
  3. Apply to the ads that interest you. You will receive an email confirming your appointment.
  4. If you are selected by a recruiter, you will receive confirmation by e-mail of a rendezvous at the beginning of June.

Companies that are recruiting in 2018


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