Video Library

Goal: To promote supply and demand for projects or productions for TV, cinema, short films or new platforms.

1 Mifa accreditation =
1 listing at the video library



Entry conditions

Open to Mifa badgholders (priority to Buyer accred).

sources 2018
  • 4,443 videos screened
  • 25,337 film summaries watched

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Producers can make the most of the video library to:

- promote your latest productions or projects
- find out what buyers and distributors think about your productions
- have direct contact with buyers
- look at screening stats for your productions/projects during and after the event

Buyers or distributors can make the most of the video library to:

- use a catalogue of over 400 productions or projects including the Festival official selection
- contact directly rights holders
- make up a play list before the Mifa (via Annecy network)
- continue screenings after the event