Selected Projects

  Animation du Monde projects

  • Le Garçon des nuages

    Le Garçon des nuages

    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Alain NGOMBE BABILLON

    Country: Cameroon

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  • Mumue


    Director: Clea MALLINSON, Wendy SPINKS

    Graphic creator: Susan OPPERMAN, Lingxi ZHANG

    Author / Scriptwriter: Wendy SPINKS, Clea MALLINSON

    Country: South Africa, Canada

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  • Noon


    Director: Roshanak ROSHAN

    Country: Iran, France

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  • Laaste woord

    Laaste woord

    Director, graphic creator: Diek GROBLER

    Author / Scriptwriter: Diek GROBLER, Martjie BOSMAN

    Country: South Africa

    Film Index
  • Ugamú


    Director: Fabián GUAMANÍ ALDAZ

    Graphic creator: Yuly VELASCO, Miguel Angel RUMANZEW MALDONADO

    Author / Scriptwriter: Fabián GUAMANÍ ALDAZ, Daniel YÉPEZ BRITO

    Country: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

    Film Index
  • Tom, el guardabosques

    Tom, el guardabosques

    Director: Santiago O'RYAN, Ricardo VILLAVICENCIO

    Graphic creator: Ricardo VILLAVICENCIO

    Author / Scriptwriter: Santiago O'RYAN

    Country: Chile

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  • L'Arbre à Palimpseste

    L'Arbre à Palimpseste

    Director: Ingrid AGBO, Sacha PERRIN-BAYARD

    Graphic creator: Joseph RAHAMEFY, Angelo ANOSIKE, Mbuotidem JOHNSON, Fajimi OLUWASEYI, Emordi BARNABAS

    Author / Scriptwriter: Ingrid AGBO, Sacha PERRIN-BAYARD, Raphaël LOURENÇO

    Country: Togo

    Film Index
  • Roona and Marvin

    Roona and Marvin

    Director: Ana Laura CRUZ RODRÍGUEZ

    Graphic creator: Andrea MONDRAGÓN GARCÍA

    Author / Scriptwriter: Efren DEL ROSAL TOUSSAINT

    Country: Mexico

    Film Index
  • Los Santos

    Los Santos

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Omar ROJAS RODRÍGUEZ

    Graphic creator: Juan LEON

    Country: Peru

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  • A Estrangeira

    A Estrangeira

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Luiz BOLOGNESI

    Graphic creator: Gonzalo CARCAMO

    Country: Brazil

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  Feature films

  • Linda veut du poulet !

    Linda veut du poulet !

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Chiara MALTA, Sébastien LAUDENBACH

    Graphic creator: Sébastien LAUDENBACH

    Country: France, Italy

    Film Index
  • Archipel


    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Félix DUFOUR-LAPERRIÈRE

    Country: Canada

    Film Index
  • Golem


    Director, graphic creator: Lorenzo CECCOTTI

    Author / Scriptwriter: Mauro UZZEO, Lorenzo CECCOTTI

    Country: Italy

    Film Index
  • Beyond the Inuksuk

    Beyond the Inuksuk

    Director: Neil CHRISTOPHER

    Country: Canada

    Film Index
  • Vigilados


    Director: Gianpierre Juan Manuel YOVERA INFANZON

    Author / Scriptwriter: Francisco PASACHE

    Country: Peru

    Film Index
  • The Panda Project

    The Panda Project

    Director: Clement LANGLAIS

    Author / Scriptwriter: Clement LANGLAIS, Gregoire GENSOLLEN

    Country: Canada, France

    Film Index

  Interactive Creations & Transmedia

  • Le Voyage de Kotick

    Le Voyage de Kotick

    Director, graphic creator: Alizée FAVIER

    Author / Scriptwriter: Alizée FAVIER, Sarah LEMER, Eminé SEKER, Étienne JAXEL-TRUER

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Jailbirds


    Director, author / scriptwriter: Thomas VILLEPOUX

    Country: Belgium, USA, France

    Film Index
  • Griffon


    Director: Romain BONNIN, Mathieu BÉTARD

    Graphic creator: Mathieu BÉTARD

    Author / Scriptwriter: Romain BONNIN

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • House of Broken Hearts

    House of Broken Hearts

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Aisha MADU

    Graphic creator: Aisha MADU, Dario VAN VREE

    Country: Netherlands

    Film Index
  • Freiheit


    Director: Hansjeet DUGGAL

    Author / Scriptwriter: Jonathan HIRSCH

    Country: USA

    Film Index
  • Cosmik Roger: The Bill

    Cosmik Roger: The Bill

    Director: Marc MORDELET

    Author / Scriptwriter: Julien DURAND

    Country: France

    Film Index

  Short films

  • L'Amour en plan

    L'Amour en plan

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Claire SICHEZ

    Graphic creator: Fanny BLANC

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Christopher at Sea

    Christopher at Sea

    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Tom BROWN

    Country: USA

    Film Index
  • Vercors


    Director: Lyonel CHARMETTE

    Graphic creator: Titouan BORDEAU

    Author / Scriptwriter: Lyonel CHARMETTE, Jordan RAUX

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Deux soeurs

    Deux soeurs

    Director: Anne-Sophie GOUSSET, Clément CEARD

    Graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Anne-Sophie GOUSSET

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Koniec


    Director, author / scriptwriter: David STUMPF, Michaela MIHALYIOVA

    Graphic creator: Michaela MIHALYIOVA

    Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic

    Film Index
  • Prends chair

    Prends chair

    Director, graphic creator: Armin ASSADIPOUR

    Author / Scriptwriter: Armin ASSADIPOUR, Adrien LOUISET

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • I'm Late

    I'm Late

    Director: Sawako KABUKI

    Country: France, Japan

    Film Index

  TV series and specials

  • Les Vaches du rail

    Les Vaches du rail

    Graphic creator: Yeti BOMAR

    Author / Scriptwriter: Françoise RUSCAK, Claire GRIMOND

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Ring Ring Kirin

    Ring Ring Kirin

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Julia Ai SAI, Nicolas GUARIN

    Graphic creator: Julia Ai SAI

    Country: Japan

    Film Index
  • Musifanten


    Director: Meike FEHRE, Sabine DULLY

    Graphic creator: Sabine DULLY

    Author / Scriptwriter: Meike FEHRE

    Country: Germany

    Film Index
  • Avec mes yeux je suis venu

    Avec mes yeux je suis venu

    Director: Cécile ROUSSET, Benjamin SERERO

    Graphic creator: Cécile ROUSSET

    Author / Scriptwriter: Benjamin SERERO

    Country: France

    Film Index
  • Mis hermanas

    Mis hermanas

    Director: José Ignacio NAVARRO COX

    Graphic creator: Franco Andres RAMPOLDI CIFUENTES

    Author / Scriptwriter: Santiago ORYAN

    Country: Chile

    Film Index
  • Noé fája

    Noé fája

    Director, graphic creator, author / scriptwriter: Peter VACZ

    Country: Hungary

    Film Index
  • Junk Pilots

    Junk Pilots

    Director: Isaac MOGAJANE

    Author / Scriptwriter: David LEV

    Country: South Africa

    Film Index
  • Lionceau et les Lucioles

    Lionceau et les Lucioles

    Director, author / scriptwriter: Eloic GIMENEZ

    Graphic creator: Olesya SHCHUKINA

    Country: France

    Film Index

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