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Hubert & Takako - Projet soutenu en 2014 par le Fonds d'aide - Xilam Animation

10th Oct 2014

  'Hubert & Takako' winner of funding assistance 

This year Xilam Animation is the winner of the Haute-Savoie funding assistance for digital animation.

Created in 2006 by CITIA and the department of Haute-Savoie, this funding assistance contributes to the production of audiovisual works using digital animation in the region to strengthen the economy of the sector in the department.

This year the funding has be awarded to Xilam Animation for Hugo Gittard's series Hubert & Takako (season 2), made at the Caribara studio in Annecy.

Concept: Just about any pig would adapt pretty easily to the presence of a fly, but for Hubert, who aspires to becoming the archetype of the modern, clean-cut pig, Takako is messing up his plans! This deliciously out-of-control fly is that little glitch in Hubert’s well oiled cogs. Worst, she accepts him just the way he is. But isn’t that what true friendship is all about?

Check out Hubert & Takako (season 2) here