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5th Dec 2014

  Find out how the sector has been progressing 

On December 2nd, CITIA presented the latest results of the Observatory for the moving pictures and creative industries sector to a large assembled crowd of members from the sector.

For the third consecutive year, the Economic Development Agency has carried out a study, requested by CITIA, using a special monitoring tool, to follow the evolution of the moving pictures and creative industries sector in Haute-Savoie.

The results and analysis, presented to members working in the sector, the Haute-Savoie General Council and CITIA staff, has helped to establish a comprehensive overview of the sector and its progression.

2013 figures:

  • 281 companies within the sector, representing an increase of 13 % business creation rate
  • a turnover of 116 million Euros, representing an increase of 10 %
  • a stable number of 1,210 jobs

Compared to the Rhône-Alpes region, Haute-Savoie retains its second place behind the Rhône and brings together 18 % of companies, a 17 % turnover and 14 % of the workforce in the region.

It is also interesting to note that 62 % of the companies in Haute-Savoie have set up in and around Annecy, which confirms the interest in creating the federating location of Les Papeteries ‒ Image Factory, which will be bringing together companies from the sector in Cran-Gevrier.

You can download the full study about the Observatory


Interview of Patrick Eveno,
CITIA CEO, "L'invité de la rédaction" on RCF Haute-Savoie radio, thursday 4th Deccember 2014

Interview of Patrick Eveno, CITIA CEO, JT on TV8 Mont-Blanc, Monday 1st December 2014 (start at 3'54)