Papeteries – Image Factory - ©John Châtel

8th Jun 2015

  Les Papeteries Launch their Communication! 

Following a call for bids launched by CITIA, the companies that were chosen to handle Les Papeteries – Image Factory's communication are Altimax and Digital Stories.

Les Papeteries in Cran-Gevrier are opening this summer to welcome business in the moving images and creative industries sector.
This sector gathers all the companies in the Haute-Savoie that produce and distribute images, live-action or virtual, inanimate or animate. This includes audiovisual, animation, video games and businesses with interactive web and mobile operations.

CITIA, city of moving images, is playing a major role in this project, as it's in charge of welcoming animation in this unifying space.

A call for bids was launched for this site's general communication. The offers were accepted by Altimax for graphics and by Digital Stories for community management (social network promotions).

Altimax is an agency that specialises in digital, brand strategy and design and marketing research.

Check out the logo and one of the first posters they've created:

Les Papeteries     Les Papeteries

Digital Stories is a company based in Annecy that guides businesses and brands in the digital value chain.

Stay tuned and don't miss the inauguration of Les Papeteries and the opening of their website!