Anima-J Annecy 2015 - K. Pauli/CITIA

10th Jul 2015

  Discover the Anima-J awards 

Just like every year, right after the Annecy Festival, a selection of short films is presented to Haute-Savoie elementary school children (Level 2: age 5-7; Level 3: 8-11) and middle schools students.

In keeping with CITIA’s educational role, local teachers are contacted so as to enable their pupils to discover short films from this year’s official Annecy Festival selection.

Three programs are designed by a jury of teachers before being offered to the students. After each screening, the young viewers are asked to vote to select the short they preferred. This year 180 different classes voted in the Anima-J elections.

And the winners were…:

  • The Level 2 Pupils’ Prize went to Lune et le Loup by Patrick Delage and Toma Leroux
  • The Level 3 Pupils’ Prize and Middle School Students’ Prize was awarded to The Present by Jacob Frey

As such, Anima-J helps young elementary and middle-school students from the Annecy area and Haute-Savoie département discover animated pictures and the Annecy Festival itself.