A Shaman Sorceress, Directed by AHN Jae-hun, HAN Hye-jin

29th Feb 2016

  Korea Gets Animated in Annecy!

As part of the Year of France-Korea 2015-2016, the Annecy Festival has chosen to honour Korean animation.

This year, France and Korea are celebrating the 130th anniversary of their friendship, trade and navigation treaty, signed June 4th 1886.

The Annecy Festival is taking advantage of this event to review recent animated production from this country with its rich and diverse cultural tradition and include in the Annecy 2016 programme a Korean feature film, a WIP Feature session and a number of short films.

Screening Projection of Sangho Yeon’s Seoul Station in the Official Selection
"Sangho Yeon will be back in Annecy for the third time with Seoul Station, a brilliant blend of horror and social realism. The Festival's selection team was highly enthusiastic about this film that represents the modernity and singularity of Korean animation. We think it will be a highlight in the Official Selection."
Marcel Jean

WIP Feature session with Jae-hoon Ahn’s The Shaman Sorceress
Check out some first footage from this film, based on the book of the same name, written by Dong-ni Kim in 1936, with its sharp depiction of the chaos during the modernisation of Korea that was acclaimed throughout the world and nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.

"Different religions are still clashing around the world. The film explores why people adhere to religion and the meaning of it all by telling a story of an indigenous religion and an external one that cause conflict within a family."
Jae-hoon Ahn

Two special programmes devoted to Korean short films
The opportunity to discover or watch again such films as Yumi Joung’s Dust Kid (2009), Lim Choi’s The Father (2009), Yumi Joung’s Love Games (2012), Sung-gang Lee’s A Monster in the Reservoir (2012), Han-bit Lee’s Serenade (2010) or Dahee Jeong’s Man on the Chair (2014).

Get accreditation now for the next Annecy Festival and discover this fresh and inspiring animation from Korea!

Event organised as part of the Year of France-Korea 2015-2016 / www.anneefrancecoree.com

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