Meet the Funds - Photo : G. Piel/CITIA

26th May 2016

  Funding Opportunities for Project Leaders 

Meet the Funds is a private meeting at the Mifa reserved for the 35 project leaders selected for the Pitch sessions and representatives from regional and national funding organisations.

Meet the Funds is a new meeting on offer at the Annecy International Animation Film Market that was set up to bring regional and national funding organisations together with project leaders who were selected for the Mifa Pitches.

This meeting will give the 35 project leaders the chance to learn about subsidies they might qualify for, as well as different production or writing grants they could take advantage of.

Around 10 funding organisations are participating in this year’s Meet the Funds, such as Point Est, Wallimage, Film Cymru Wales and the Netherlands Film Fund.

Meet the Funds is an event that the Mifa Pitch project leaders won’t want to miss.

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