Mifa Special Events - Photo : G. Piel/CITIA

30th May 2016

  More and More Mifa Special Events! 

Several panel discussions about the status of the market and production with speakers from all over the world will be rounding out the Mifa Special Events programme this year.

During the Mifa Special Events, organised as part of the International Animation Film Market, buyers representing broadcasters from Europe, North America and Latin America will come to deliberate over their views on the French animation market.

China will be represented with a session dedicated to their animated market. Speakers from local businesses will identify their current market situation and inform the audience about financing and distribution opportunities in their country.

To mull over the subject of international coproduction, the crew from Counterfeit Cat, an upcoming Disney/Teletoon series, will open up about how they were able to match the demands of the creatives with the requirements of the various producers.

Check out the different topics to be addressed at the MIfa Special Events and keep up with today’s animation market! 

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