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8th Jun 2010

Digital animation in the spotlight in Haute-Savoie 

Information about the fund created by the Haute Savoie General Council to support the production of digital animated films.

With its beautiful landscapes and scenery, Haute-Savoie is a privileged place to produce films.

Haute-Savoie has also proved its reputation as a department for cinema thanks to the International Animation Film Festival, taking place every year in Annecy.

In 2006, as part of a convention with the CNC and the Rhône-Alpes region, the Haute Savoie General Council created a fund to support the production of digital animated films. The fund works on the principle of 1 € for 2 €, with the department putting up 100,000 € and the CNC 50,000 €.

CITIA is in charge of the operational monitoring of this initiative whilst the ODAC (Departmental Office of Cultural Action) is responsible for its promotion.

Visit the website of ODAC

Parallel to this, the ODAC also promotes the screening of short animated films in and around Haute Savoie with its "Les Coups de cœur du Festival" programme and organises a number of initiation workshops for college students throughout the school year.

As well as investing in animation, the department also supports other film sectors, such as festivals, themed events and associations, creating a commitment in the four main stages of the film process: production, distribution, film education and cultural heritage.