Steep - © Ubisoft

15th Dec 2016

  A New Generation Game at the Forum! 

Igor Manceau, Creative Director at Ubisoft, will be at Forum Blanc to present Steep, the latest winter sports’ game that everyone’s talking about.

With this year’s redesigned formula, the Forum Blanc is going beyond traditional media and taking a closer look at native digital media, including video games, with the presentation of Steep, a revolutionary game that is causing quite a stir at the moment.

Igor Manceau, creative director on Steep at Ubisoft Annecy, will present this first open-world extreme sports’ game, which gives players the opportunity to ski and fly freely around the Alps. 

Ubisoft wanted to devise a real game dynamics with Steep that would allow players to be creative and show off their exploits to other players. This meant incorporating the notions of community, sharing and multiplayer mode into the game before production, which was a revolution in the creation process of video games.

The Forum Blanc invites you to discover this sensational Alpine video game.