Nouveaux logos CITIA - Annecy - Forum Blanc

1st Feb 2017

CITIA Updates its Logos 

CITIA is in constant development to meet its various missions and is also making changes to its tagline and logos.

One of CITIA’s goals is to contribute to the development of local economy in the image and creative industries sector by supporting and accompanying businesses through each stage of their advancement.

Using the tagline "cité de l’image en mouvement" (city of moving images) has now become too restrictive and CITIA has decided to change it, along with the logo, to become "Image et industries créatives" (image and creative industries), a sector that CITIA supports, brings together, unites and represents professionals working in Haute-Savoie who produce real or virtual and fixed or moving images.

Here is the new logo:


CITIA is also the organising structure of the International Animation Film Festival and Market, and the Forum Blanc, whose logos have also been updated:

Download the graphic chart

CITIA looks after the day to day management of Les Papeteries – Image Factory, in Cran-Gevrier and from now on events organised by CITIA will carry the following logo: