Annecy Festival - Photo : S. Matter/ CITIA

13th Feb 2017

  Call for Volunteers for the Festival 

Join the team of volunteers for the Annecy Festival and Market and live the event from the inside!

Every year the success of the Annecy Festival and Market is down to the commitment of the many volunteers.

If you are motivated, committed, passionate about animation or film, have lots of energy and skills and can speak fluent French… why not apply right now to become a volunteer for the Annecy Festival, Market and Meetings?

Welcoming the public in theatres, at parties, the Mifa and Conferences; ticketing; public information desk… Depending on your availability you will be given a pre-defined work schedule of a number of hours per day.

Your support, energy and sunny disposition are indispensable for the smooth running of the event. So don’t hesitate to join us for the organisation of this international event.

More info online or contact Véronique Combe.