Mazinger Z ©Go Nagai/DynamicPlanning-MZFilmPartners

17th Apr 2017

  First Footage of 'Mazinger Z' with Go Nagai! 

Go Nagai is coming to Annecy to present first footage from Toei Animation’s upcoming feature Mazinger Z.

At 4 pm on Wednesday 14th June, the Annecy Festival invites you to come and discover first footage from the feature Mazinger Z, presented by Go Nagai during this Making Of.

Mazinger Z, Japan’s major manga series, is making its big comeback on the international animation scene. Toei Animation is producing a new opus of adventures for the famous robot. The manga written and illustrated by Go Nagai in the 70s was already adapted into an anime series, but this time it’s hitting the big screen as a feature film in Europe and around the globe.

The film will add a new chapter to the adventures of the super robot. As the world faces a new threat, Mazinger aka "Iron Castle" stands up with all his might!

Mazinger Z

My beloved Mazinger Z is making a comeback. 45 years after its birth and 50 years since I started my career as a manga artist, this is truly a year to commemorate. I'm very glad that I'm able to bring Mazinger Z back. After all, it is beloved in different places all over the world. It's my sincere wish to bring this movie to the global audience with gratitude to all the fans who've supported Mazinger Z all over the world through the years. Now, onward to the global stage!Go Nagai

Go Nagai is one of Japan’s most famous manga artists, most well-known for Grendizer, Devilman, Violence Jack and Cutie Honey. He’s coming to Annecy to present first footage of Mazinger Z on Wednesday 14th June at 4 pm.

If you want to attend this event, don’t forget to get your accreditation online before 31st May!