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20th Apr 2017

  Applications for the GOBELINS’ Bachelor Programme 

Mark your calendars, CITIA is letting you know that the deadline for applications to the GOBELINS’ Bachelor programme is on 2nd May 2017.

Providing guidance and support to education and training programmes using images is one of CITIA’s main priorities, which ensures the sustainability and ongoing development of its initiatives for moving images.

Particularly involved in this approach, CITIA is reminding you that the deadline for applications for the GOBELINS’ "Interactive Designer & Developer" Bachelor with a minor in Graphic Design or Development, offered by CCI Formation Digital, is set for 2nd May 2017.

To meet the eligibility requirements, applicants must be under 26 (unless an exemption is granted) and hold a 2-year degree (recognised by the French State) in Graphic Design, Visual Communication or IT. Those who hold a 2-year degree, but not in the areas listed above must be able to justify pertinent and significant knowledge of web design and/or web application development.

Go to the CCI Formation Digital website for more information about the GOBELINS Bachelor (programmes, application procedures, etc.) and download the application form (in French only).